The Infection and Immunity hub is focused on researching the factors underlying immune surveillance of the lung, and the response to infection and allergens, to better understand how our immune system keeps our lungs healthy.  Our immediate goals are to understand the interplay between structural cells and leukocytes at the cellular and molecular level, both in normal regulation (homeostasis) and during inflammation. The hub’s ultimate aim is to to translate our findings into opportunities for novel therapeutic intervention in diseases such as asthma and COPD to better treat patients.  

Research areas

Early life lung disease

scratch test
Scratch test carried out to test for allergies

Investigation of the mechanisms mediating the inception lung diseases in early life and factors that contribute to disease propagation or remission.

 Prof Sejal Saglani, Prof Clare Lloyd, Prof Andy Bush, Dr Louise Fleming, Dr James Harker, Prof Adnan Custovic, Dr Robert Boyle, Dr Paul Turner, Dr Maeve KelleherDr Asha Patel, Dr Régis Joulia

Cellular immunology

Dissecting the role of specific immune cell types in respiratory infection and disease, and the cross-talk between them.

Researchers: Dr James Harker, Prof Clare LloydDr James Pease, Prof Stephen Durham, Dr Mo ShamjiProf Sejal Saglani, Dr Régis Joulia

Immune regulation and homeostasis

Investigation of the cellular and molecular mechanisms behind the regulation of innate immune system and its interactions during homeostasis and inflammation.

Researchers: Dr Katia De Filippo , Dr Rob Snelgrove, Dr James Harker, Prof Clare Lloyd, Prof Stephen Durham, Dr Mo Shamji, Prof Sejal Saglani