This page provides details of some of the mechanisms that the College uses to seek feedback from students about their studies and their wider experiences.  For details about feedback to students on their academic work, please see the Examination and assessment tab of the College's academic policy pages.

student feedback

Staff Student Committees

Staff Student Committees play an important role in providing feedback, improving communication and to promote high standards of education and training. These are conducted in a cooperative and constructive atmosphere in which to discuss all areas that impact on the student experience. Membership of these committees includes student reps, Imperial College Union officers, key programme staff and senior departmental representation. The guidelines below provide further details of the purpose, areas for discussion, membership, and set up of these meetings. A template agenda is also provided.



Student surveys provide a formal and invaluable mechanism for all student to provide feedback about their modules, programmes and general experience at the College. Some surveys, such as the Module Evaluation Questionnaire (MEQ) are run internally by the College, others are national surveys that are completed in other institutions at similar times and the results for the College are provided with comparisons to the sector as a whole and other, similar institutions. Examples of national surveys include National Student Survey (NSS) for undergraduate students, the Postgraduate Teaching Survey (PTES) or Postgraduate Research Survey (PRES).

The College's policy on student surveys can be found below:

Student Surveys Policy

Details of all the student surveys, and how to access previous outcomes can be found at the link below:

Student surveys