Partner research institute scheme, split PhDs & Imperial recognised locations

Policy and procedures

Partner Research Institutions and Split PhDs are procedures to allow students who will be undertaking PhD study at Imperial to spend periods of time at a partner organisation to undertake research for their degree programme. In both cases, students can only be registered for the Imperial PhD programme - these procedures do not allow concurrent registration for a PhD programme at another institution. 


External examiners for research degrees

Research degree examinations

The following policies and procedures are provided to support staff and students in relation to Research Degrees (PhD, EngD, MRes and MPhil) 

Policy and procedures

Viva Voce/final examination polices and procedures

Details of the process for oral examination including expectations, eligibility and appointment of examiners, conduct of the viva, reporting process and outcomes. 

This policy and the guidance (below) explains the circumstances under which a remote or hybrid viva may be considered.  

Writing up

'Writing up' is the period following active research in which the candidate completes the write up their thesis for examination. The procedure below expands on the relevant sections of the College's academic regulations for research students, detailing the areas such as eligibility and minimum periods of registration, and applies to all students entering writing up status from 1st April 2022 onwards. 


Thesis submission


The following documents provide guidance to students with regards to the submission of their thesis for examination, including the access arrangements for completed theses under the College’s commitment to open access.


Posthumous and Aegrotat Postgraduate Research Degrees

The following policy defines how the College may consider the award of a posthumous or aegrotat degree in relation to a student/candidate registered on a postgraduate research programme (PhD, MPhil, EngD, MD(Res)). In addition to the policy, the detailed guidance document has been approved to support staff.  Whilst the guidance seeks to be as inclusive as possible, where necessary please contact a member of the QA or Assessment Records team for support and guidance.

Policy for the Award of Posthumous and Aegrotat Postgraduate Research Degrees [pdf]

Guidance for the Award of Posthumous and Aegrotat PGR Degrees

This policy and guidance should read, where relevant, in conjunction with the Student Death Protocol.



Doctor of Science

Policy and procedures


This section should be read in conjunction with the regulations for the award of the Doctor of Science (DSc) degree.