Terms of reference

  • To advise the Quality Assurance & Enhancement Committee (QAEC) and where appropriate the College Education and Student Experience Committee and/or University Research and Enterprise Board on all matters relating to the development of postgraduate education and research as regards PhD, MPhil, EngD and MD(Res) degrees, including any impact on MRes degrees, including collaborative programmes
  • To advise the QAEC and where appropriate the College Education and Student Experience Committee and/or University Research and Enterprise Board on developments  in  UK  and  international  policy  on  postgraduate  education  and research
  • To advise the QAEC and where appropriate the College Education and Student Experience Committee and/or University Research and Enterprise Board on the College's research culture and the research enviroment, from a student perspective
  • To support and promote innovations in postgraduate research quality, including where requested by QAEC and/or the University Research and Enterprise Board
  • To determine the standards and framework by which departments operate for postgraduate education and research
  • To propose and advise on modifications to College regulations and procedures that affect postgraduate research students
  • To oversee the processes of quality assurance for postgraduate research degrees (including those for collaborative programmes) including the development and dissemination of precepts for postgraduate research programmes and the sharing of good practice
  • To oversee precept and periodic reviews of existing research degree programmes, including collaborative programmes, and to provide an annual summary of outcomes arising from the reviews to QAEC/Senate
  • To consider proposals for new research degree programmes, major changes to research degree programmes, the suspension and withdrawal of research degree programmes, including those for collaborative programmes, and make recommendations to QAEC as appropriate
  • To receive minutes from collaborative Postgraduate Research Degree Programme Committees
  • To receive minutes of Graduate School committees, including the CDT/DTP Governance Committee and the Postgraduate Development and Experience Committee
  • To oversee processes relating to the appointment of postgraduate research examiners and to consider matters arising from their reports
  • To appoint the Special Cases Panel for research programmes and to oversee all special cases, for example for registration, extensions, appointment of examiners and restriction of access to theses
  • To advise on the format and presentation of theses
  • To advise on matters relating to the recruitment and registration of postgraduate research students
  • To oversee the professional skills development programme for postgraduate research students
  • To engage with and recommend action as appropriate to address key themes emerging from internal and external surveys of students, including annual review of Faculty action plans for the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) and College summary reports
  • To receive and consider statistics for research students on admissions, completion rates, withdrawals, referral and failure rates, destination statistics, examination irregularities (including cases of plagiarism), student appeals and disciplinaries, making recommendations for action as appropriate.
  • To report regularly to QAEC

Constitution and membership


  • Graduate School Director (Chair)
  • Graduate School Deputy Director (Deputy Chair)
  • Vice Provost (Education and Student Experience)
  • Academic Registrar (or nominee)
  • One College Consul
  • Graduate School Deputy Director (Professional Skills)
  • Graduate School Head of Strategy and Operations
  • One Faculty Senior Tutor (PGR) representative
  • One representative from each department (normally the Director of Postgraduate Studies)
  • One representative from the Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication/Centre for Higher Education Research and Scholarship 
  • One representative from the Business School
  • ICU President, ICU Deputy President (Education), PGR Representation Chair plus up to 3 student representatives as elected by the ICU; with the power to co- opt. 
  • An Assistant Registrar (Secretary)

The Heads of collaborative research degree programmes will be invited to attend for relevant items.

Membership (Academic year 2023/24)
Name Role
Professor Xiao Yun Xu Director of the Graduate School (Chair)
Professor Laki Buluwela Deputy Director of the Graduate School (Deputy Chair)
Professor Jennifer Quint Deputy Director of the Graduate School (Professional Skills)
Professor Peter Haynes Vice Provost (Education and Student Experience)
David Ashton Academic Registrar
TBC College Consul
Dr Jeffrey Vernon Faculty Senior Tutor (PGR) representative
Laura Lane Graduate School Head of Strategy and Operations
Dr Chris Cantwell Aeronautics
Dr Choon Hwai Yap Bioengineering
Professor Cleo Kontoravdi Chemical Engineering
Professor Ahmer Wadee Civil and Environmental Engineering
Dr Dalal Alrajeh Computing
Dr Mazdak Ghajari Dyson School of Design Engineering
Professor Saskia Goes Earth Science and Engineering
Professor Pier Luigi Dragotti Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Professor Christopher Gourlay Materials
Dr Salvador Navarro-Martinez Mechanical Engineering
Dr Enrique Martinez-Perez / Dr Alexis Barr Institute of Clinical Sciences
Professor Kevin Murphy Departments of Brain Sciences; Immunology and Inflammation; Infectious Disease; Metabolism, Digestion and Reproduction
Professor Mike Lovett National Heart and Lung Institute
Dr Abbas Dehghan School of Public Health
Professor Charlotte Bevan Surgery and Cancer
Dr Yiannis Kountouris Centre for Environmental Policy
Dr Rüdiger Woscholski Chemistry
Dr Sally Leevers Crick Doctoral Centre
Dr David Mann Life Sciences
Dr Ryan Barnett Mathematics
Professor Ben Sauer Physics
Professor Alex Michaelides Imperial College Business School
Dr Jo Horsburgh Centre for Higher Education research and Scholarship / Centre for Languages, Culture and Communication
Robin Mowat Centre for Academic English
Yi Yang ICU Deputy President (Education)
Camille Boutrolle ICU President
Jordon Millward PGR Representation Chair
TBC Postgraduate Research Academic & Welfare Officer (Engineering)
Michaela Flegrova Postgraduate Research Academic & Welfare Officer (Natural Sciences)
Nan Fletcher-Lloyd Postgraduate Research Academic & Welfare Officer (Medicine)
Emma Rabin Assistant Registrar as Secretary
Summary of the table's contents

Meeting dates and deadlines

Committee dates 2023/24 Submission deadlines 2023/24
Wednesday 25 October 2023, 14:10-16:30 11 October 2023
Wednesday 14 February 2024, 14:10-16:30 31 January 2024
Wednesday 22 May 2024, 14:10-16:30 8 May 2024
Summary of the table's contents

Agenda items (including papers) should be submitted to the committee secretary two weeks prior to the committee meeting. Papers will normally be circulated to members one week prior to the committee meeting. 



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