In March 2018, the College agreed todevelop an Academic Calendar to more effectively manage its applicant and student lifecycle providing clear information to students and staff on how Imperial manages its academic programmes and ensuring that appropriate support is in place to deliver this. The Calendar is the College record of key activities in terms of application processing, induction, registration, module selection, teaching delivery, assessment periods, publication of results, progression, and deadlines for programme and module information. 

The Calendar is structured around College term dates. Separate calendars for the MBBS and Postgraduate Taught provision in the Business School are being developed to reflect their different term dates and will be made available on this webpage in due course.

 The Calendar is being piloted in 2019/20. Faculties and Departments are strongly encouraged to work to the timescales of the calendar as far as possible.

 Questions about the detailed deadlines in Academic Calendar should be referred to the relevant service area, for example, if you have a question about time-tabling deadlines, please refer the question to the Time-Tabling team. More general questions about the content and role of the Academic Calendar can be referred to the Quality Assurance and Enhancement Team at

 Undergraduate Academic Calendar 2019/20

 Postgraduate Taught Academic Calendar 2019/20