The Research Management Applications Team work with support staff and academics to ensure applications meet their requirements, to advise on selection of software and to deliver projects.

Project work is varied and has included:

  • supporting REF2021
  • building applications using PowerApps (Microsoft’s development platform)
  • delivering complex integrations between WorkTribe and ICS
  • supporting initiatives for a Trusted Research Environment and FAIR data.  

Open Access

We support a variety of applications, with the core research applications relating to
Open Access.

Spiral and Symplectic underpin the College's Open Access and REF compliance. 


Spiral is College’s institutional repository of publications, PhD theses and some research data. It is a showcase for Imperial’s research community and ensures all publications are Open Access compliant for submission to REF.

The sole, official copy of any Imperial PhD Theses is held in Spiral, physical copies are no longer held by the Library. 

Symplectic Elements

Symplectic is the College’s Current Research Information System.

Academics confirm authorship of publications and can maintain their research profile. Academics upload the full-text of their publications into Symplectic for transfer to Spiral and review by the Library’s Open Access team.

Research Management

The Research Office lead operational coordination across the College with support from ICT for the integrations between applications. 

  • WorkTribe is used to manage both grant proposals and the administration of ethic committees. Integrations between WorkTribe and ICIS are key to maintain coordination of staff records and budget details.
  • PPMS for the booking and recharging the use of equipment and facilities. The system in being adopted across the College to improve utilisation of assets.
  • Contract Management - Research Management Services developed an application using  PowerApps to support the Contracts Management team. 

Our team work with together with many stakeholders to deliver these apps, with the key teams being from Library Services, Research Office, Faculty Web Officers, the Registry and Researchers.