The wealth of resources for researchers and Research Software Engineering is immense and often difficult to navigate.

Below is a list of resources, that we have found useful and that we think might be of interest for the community. If you find another one that you think might be useful to include or if one of the links below is no longer relevant/working, please let us know.

Where can I find useful RSE resources?


Name Description
SSI Research Software Healthcheck A lightweight evaluation of your software will provide a set of concrete recommendations for you to help prepare it for future challenges and opportunities. 
SSI Open Call The Open Call is a free service that helps researchers to improve their software and development practices, and to build a community of users and contributors. Researchers can submit proposals for joint software consultancy projects with the Institute, from any discipline.
Making Research Software Open and Shareable Short guide about things to take into account to make your software open and reusable.


Name Description
R-Ladies A World wide organisation to promote gender diversity in the R community.
Women in HPC WHPC is the only international organisation working to improve equity, diversity and inclusion in High Performance Computing.
Software Sustainability Institute The Software Sustainability Institute cultivates better, more sustainable research software to enable world-class research. It publishes non-technical blog post on software sustainability, organises and promotes events and provide some small pockets of funding for researchers and events.
Imperial College Research Software Community Newsletters Monthly publication in which you will find tons of information on RS-related events, blog post, resources, and many others.

Courses and training

Name Description
RealPython Excellent source of knowledge for learning about using Python, covering form very basic level to advance features. Really friendly and most of it free. 
Introduction to using Git and GitHub for software development This course introduces the version control system Git, an essential tool for tracking and managing software development. Working with Git provides the flexibility to freely make changes to your code and the security to know you can always get back to a working state. You will learn to track the changes you made to your code and when you made them, both using the command line and graphical tools.
Further Git and GitHub for effective collaboration This course introduces intermediate concepts and functionality of the version control system Git and the code repository GitHub. The course is focused on ensuring an effective and healthy collaborative process. When collaborating with others, measures and tooling need to be in place to manage the process in an effective way, keeping track of the sequence of changes, reviewing, and approving what those changes are and undoing them, if needed.
Essential software engineering for researchers Programming as a researcher can be a very intimidating experience. It can feel as though your code isn’t “good enough” (as judged by some mysterious and opaque criteria), or that you’re not coding in the “right way”. The aim of this course is to help to address some of these concerns through an introduction to software engineering for researchers. Beyond just programming, software engineering is the practice and principle of writing software that is correct, sustainable and ready to share with colleagues and the wider research community.
Introduction to testing C++ code This course teaches the fundamental concepts and skills required to design effective test suites for modern C++ software.

Funding sources

Name Description
The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative The initiative regularly invites applications in support of open source software projects that are essential to biomedical research. The goal of the program is to support software maintenance, growth, development, and community engagement for these critical tools. Search for "Essential Open Source Software for Science"
SSI Fellowship Programme Provides up to £3000 for individuals who want to improve how research software is used in their domains and/or area of work.
SocRSE Events and Initiatives Grant The Society of RSEs offers financial support of generally up to £1000 to support the events or initiatives related to research software and that align with its objectives.


Name Description
pdoc Simple to use tool for generating API documentation in HTML. Excellent for when Sphinx is overkilling.