We are a team of professional software developers based in the College’s Research Computing Service (RCS). We have extensive experience in computational science and high-performance computing and have supported research across all of Imperial’s faculties. 

Meet the RSE Team

Former members of the team

As time passes, we welcome new people into the team but we also need to say goodbye to others who, for whatever reason, have move on to other places. A big thanks for their contribution to the RSE Team and their help shaping it.

  • Travis Gordon (2024) - Research Software Engineer - HPC and RSE Experience Programme
  • Callum West (2024) - Junior Software Developer
  • Lokesh Ragta (2023) - Senior Research Software Engineer
  • Dan Davies (2023) - Senior Research Software Engineer
  • Mayeul d'Avezac de Castera (2020) - Senior Research Software Engineer
  • Marc Woodbridge (2020) - RSE Team Lead