Code surgeries are 30 minute slots available every two weeks when the Research Software Engineering (RSE) Team can discuss with you about issues with your software and provide advice on topics like:

  • Software development best practices
    • version control
    • testing
    • code architecture
    • continuous integration
  • Code review
  • Code optimisation
  • Software packaging, distribution, and publication

Contrary to the existing HPC Clinics, meant to provide immediate support in relation to the High Performance Computing and the Research Data Store,  the purpose of Code Surgeries is to provide long-term impact for custom code bases. For that reason, slots are booked, and the information related to the request (eg. link to software repository) sent a minimum of 1 week in advance, so the RSE team can review the material, prepare an appropriate response, and compile the resources that researchers can then use themselves to improve their software. 
The timeline to book a Code Surgery appointment is summarised in the following chart: 

Image description: Booking time from 4 weeks to 1 week before the slot. Clinic Preparation from 1 week before slot. Code csurgery 30 minutes via MS Teams.

As slots are limited, please, book only one slot at a time to give everyone the opportunity to benefit from this service. 

Book your RSE Code Surgery appointment.