We offer an extensive range of training courses, from Software and Data Carpentry courses that teach core research IT skills, though to specialised courses on programming and applications. Below you will find a helpful introduction to HPC at Imperial and a link to Imperial reserach computing and data sceince coourses. You will also find some general training links in our user guide and a list of past courses. 

If you have any questions please contact the training coordinator Katerina Michalickova. We welcome suggestions regarding new training topics.

Training courses

Presentation on the introduction to HPC at Imperial

Inside you will find the following list of topics:

Please note some administrative details (such as queue parameters) may change over time. Please check the RCS documentation for up to date information.

The above content is usually taught twice a term by the Research Computing and Data Science Programme at the Graduate School. Please follow the information in the tab below.

The Research Computing and Data Science Programme (RCDS) at the Graduate School offers short courses in over 30 topics that are open to all Imperial students, researchers, and staff.

Visit the Graduate School website for a list of courses, dates, and registration information.