A young girl explores The Tooth Palance, an award-winning arts and health collaboration.

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How to write a great nomination

Discover how to write the best nominations by looking at our guides below. These guides outline eligibility for each of the awards and outline the questions you'll need to answer as part of the nomination forms as well as the scoring system we use to decide the winners.

Nominations will open in January 2024.

About the President's Awards for Excellence in Societal Engagement

The winners of these awards have gone above and beyond to deliver inspiring engagement activities (with school, community, public and patient groups) or to support the development of a culture of societal engagement at Imperial. There are five awards available for societal engagement: 

  • President's Medal - awarded to an individual whose engagement activities have been truly outstanding.
  • Achievement Award - for both individuals or teams who have delivered excellent engagement activities or programmes.
  • Leadership Award - for individuals who have supported other staff and students in their own engagement endeavours.
  • Inspirational Partner Award - recognises those who collaborate with us from outside our Imperial community to make engagement happen.
  • Student Award - awarded to student teams or individuals who have delivered excellent engagement activities.

The awards recognise achievement in:

  • Improving the learning opportunities of less-advantaged young people, as part of our widening participation and schools engagement aims.
  • Engaging the public with research, through a process of two-way engagement.
  • Working in close partnership with local community and/or patient groups in response to a social and/or research challenge.

Staff and students recognised at the 2023 President’s Awards

Science cafes, podcasts, schools outreach and polystyrene balls representing nanomaterials – these are just some of the tools deployed by the 2023 winners of the President’s Awards for Excellence in Societal Engagement.

#CelebratingEngagement with Victoria Male

Our #CelebratingEngagement series continues with Victoria Male, who won the 2022 President's Medal as part of the President's Awards for Excellence in Societal Engagement. Victoria took time to talk to the Public Engagement team about her valuable work, why engagement is important to her, and how it has influenced her future projects. 

Past winners

#CelebratingEngagement with Louisa Thompson

Our #CelebratingEngagement series continues with Louisa Thompson and Linda van Keimpema. Louisa won the 2022 Inspirational Partner Award in Societal Engagement.

#CelebratingEngagement with Jackie Bell

We speak to 2022 Leadership Award winner Jackie Bell as part of our #CelebratingEngagement series.

#CelebratingEngagement with Hamza Ikhlaq

We talk to Hamza Ikhlaq, winner of the 2022 Student Award in Societal Engagement as part of the #CelebratingEngagement series. 

Past winners

Celebrating Engagement Communicating COVID-19

#CelebratingEngagement - Communicating COVID-19

#CelebratingEngagement continues with Imperial College London's Communications team, who won the President’s Award for Achievement in Societal Engagement in 2021.

Celebrating Engagement Ugur Tanriverdi

#CelebratingEngagement with Ugur Tanriverdi

We speak to 2021 Student Award winner Ugur Tanriverdi as part of our #CelebratingEngagement series.

Alyssa Gilbert Presidents Award

#CelebratingEngagement with Alyssa Gilbert

As part of our series for #CelebratingEngagement, we talk to Alyssa Gilbert - the 2021 winner of the Leadership award in Societal Engagement.

Past winners

Bella Spencer Presidents Awards

#CelebratingEngagement with Bella Spencer

For #CelebratingEngagement, we hear from Bella Spencer - the 2021 winner of the Inspirational Partner award for the President’s Awards for Excellence in Societal Engagement.


#CelebratingEngagement with Dr Sunday Popo-Ola

Our #CelebratingEngagement series starts with Dr Sunday Popo-Ola, who was awarded the President's Medal for Excellence in Societal Engagement in 2021.

Medal winner Sunday Popo-Ola

2021 - all the winners

From engaging global audiences with Imperial's research to de-mystifying higher education among underserved groups, meet the award winners of 2021!

Past winners

Presidents Awards 2020

2020 - all the winners

From a citizen science project with a local school to inspiring global audiences with volcanoes, we celebrate the achievements of this year’s winners.

The RED Project Borneo Team

2019 - all the winners

From building educational centres in Borneo to raising awareness of women and minorities in STEM, read all about the 2019 winning achievements in societal engagement.

Annalisa Alexander outreach 2018

Fantastic outreach work recognised in 2018

Find out why Annalisa Alexander, Head of Outreach at Imperial, was awarded the President’s Medal for Excellence in Societal Engagement