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Trainer: Societal Engagement team

Cost: Internal - no charge; External - not available. 

This course is available to Imperial staff and doctoral students only.

Dates and venue information:

This course will run in Autumn 2024/Spring 2025.  Full details will be published here in August.

 If you have any questions, please contact the Societal Engagement team.

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Our core masterclass will expand your understanding of public engagement before progressing to our advanced masterclasses.  Please note, this session is often run on the same day as our Communication in Engagement Masterclass, so that you have the opportunity to complete both sessions together over the course of one day. If you would like to attend the Communication in Engagement Masterclass, please sign up here.

Our Core Engagement Masterclass session provides you with an opportunity to learn how to effectively plan and evaluate your own engagement activities with the long term aim of maximising your research impact. You will discover the relevance and importance of public engagement activities for different audiences, stakeholders and major funders, and in particular you will explore approaches to generate good quality engagement and discover opportunities for public engagement at Imperial and beyond. You will learn the key steps to take to design and undertake effective public engagement activities, including how to evaluate these in useful and creative ways. 

Key areas covered 

  • An opportunity to reflect on your own public engagement experiences 
  • Find out why our major funders think public engagement is so important 
  • Explore the approaches that lead to good quality public engagement 
  • Discover public engagement opportunities at Imperial and beyond 
  • Developing aims and objectives for engagement activities and consider the impact you would like to have 
  • Identifying the steps involved in planning an engagement project 
  • Consider why, and when, you might conduct evaluation and the value it might bring 
  • Principles for conducting high-quality evaluation, using effective and creative methods that your participants enjoy! 

Learning Outcomes 

  • Recognise the relevance and drivers for public engagement in the UK and at Imperial 
  • Appreciate the value of public engagement for personal and professional development  
  • Identify the steps involved in planning an effective engagement activity to enhance the quality and potential impact of your research 
  • Consider why, when and how you might evaluate your engagement activities and the value this might bring 

Who is it for? 

This session is aimed at any Imperial staff member or doctoral studenst keen to: 

  • Understand the wider context around public engagement in universities 
  • Discover the key steps in planning quality engagement activities 
  • Identify a creative and effective approach to evaluation for future public engagement activities 

We strongly advise that staff and doctoral students attend this masterclass before completing our other masterclass sessions (to provide the necessary foundation and context). However, this course is not aimed at experienced engagement practitioners or those with similar experience or training.  If you are unsure about whether this session is for you, please contact  

*Please note that engagement activities that may support teaching and learning practice can be used to support an application for HEA fellowship via Imperial’s STAR framework. 

** Doctoral students: This Masterclass covers the content of the previous courses ‘Introduction to Engaging the Public’ and ‘Planning and evaluating engagement’ offered through the Graduate School. This Masterclass is open to both Imperial staff and doctoral students, so the sign up through Inkpath looks slightly different to some other GS courses.  Students attending our core engagement masterclass will receive 1 credit from the Graduate School. 

How to book your place

This course is free, but please see the terms and conditions of booking on the  Qualtrics form. Places are limited and will be booked on a first come first served basis with a waiting list. 

If you have any queries please email  

This session will be held in-person on our South Kensington campus.  If you are unable to attend in-person or would like to explore the options for training at an alternative campus, please contact us so that we can assess demand and discuss your needs.