Engagement Academy

In 2017/18 twelve members of staff completed our first Engagement Academy and twenty members of staff joined our second Engagement Academy on Tuesday 16 October 2018.

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  • Ms Hafiza Bibi - Research Coordinator,  Department of Materials
  • Dr Enrique Castro-Sanchez - Academic Research Nurse, Department of Medicine 
  • Dr Neil Dufton - Research Associate, National Heart & Lung Institute
  • Dr Alicia Estacio Gomez - Research Associate, Department of Life Sciences
  • Dr Antonio Filieri - Lecturer, Department of Computing
  • Dr Kate Hobson - Manager for Centre of Neurotechnology & CDT Neurotechnology, Department of Bioengineering
  • Dr Erisa Karafili - Research Associate, Department of Computing 
  • Ms Marianne Knight - Network Manager for the EPSRC UK-RAS Network, Hamlyn Centre 
  • Dr Ian Radcliffe - Teaching Fellow, Department of Bioengineering
  • Dr Anna Radomska - Centre Manager for Maths of Plant Earth CDT, Department of Mathematics
  • Dr Panagiotis Vorkas - Research Associate, Department of Surgery and Cancer
  • Ms Emma White - Reseach Technician, Department of Surgery and Cancer 

Each participant developed their own engagement activity as part of the programme, learn more about their projects here.


  • Dr Philip Anyanwu - Research Associate, Department of Medicine
  • Dr Cristina Bertulli - Project Manager, Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Dr Marta Ciechonska - Research Associate, Department of Life Sciences
  • Hamlata Dewchand - Laboratory Services, Health and Safety and Lab Services
  • Dr Anandha Gopalan - Senior Teaching Fellow, Department of Computing
  • Dr Roya Haghighat-Khan - Research Associate, Department of Life Sciences
  • Dr Benjamin Maunder - Research Associate, Department of Earth Science and Engineering
  • Dr Nuria Oliva-Jorge - Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Bioengineering
  • Dr Maria Parkes - Senior Strategic Teaching Fellow, Department of Bioengineering 
  • Mrs Bhavna Patel - Project Coordinator, Department of Chemical Engineering 
  • Dr Elena Psyllou - Research Associate, Department of Civil Engineering
  • Dr Alekos Simoni - Research Associate, Department of Life Sciences
  • Emily Pickering - CHARIOT Register Team Manager, NEA Research Unit
  • Ms Claire Tomson - HPRU Manager, Infectious Disease Epidemiology
  • Dr Geraldine Torin Ollarves - Research Associate, Department of Chemical Engineering
  • Ms Sabine van Elsland - External Communications and Relationships manager,  Infectious Disease Epidemiology
  • Ms Hilary Watt - Consultant Statistician and Teaching Fellow, Department of Medicine
  • Ms Sara West - Communications Officer, Department of Chemical Engineering 
  • Ms Xiaolei Zhang - Bioinformatics Research Assistant, National Heart and Lung Institute

Each participant developed their own engagement activity as part of the programme. Read more about the Engagement academy 2018-19 projects (PDF)

 Previous participants feedback


 'As always (and increasingly through the course) it is great to get together as a cohort and discuss - a lovely bunch of people (including the facilitators!)'


'Only through the Academy have we actually got the support where we can start to build something and see it realised, rather than just having a lot of ideas that we’re not really sure what to do with.'


Engagement Academy 2017-18

Engagement Academy 2017-18


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