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Skills and attributes map

Our Societal Engagement Skills and Attributes Map (PDF) can help you track your development and training needs.

Developing your societal engagement skills

We've developed a map of societal engagement skills and attributes to help you track your professional development in the area and plan your training accordingly. 

Purpose of the map

  1. To inform the development of our training programmes and skills development opportunities.
  2. To support managers in crafting job descriptions and in the recruitment of posts.
  3. To support managers to identify the progress and/or personal development requirements of team members via a framework that relates to Imperial Expectations.
  4. To enable individual staff members to reflect on their own progress for the formal review process (via a framework that relates to the Imperial Expectations) or due to personal enthusiasm for societal engagement work.
  5. Professionalising engagement at Imperial. Raising awareness that societal engagement takes specific skills and attitudes and these will benefit from being ‘consciously’ developed.
  6. To support nominees or applicants for the President's Awards for Excellence in Societal EngagementSocietal Engagement Seed Fund or another related scheme

Who is it for? 

Any staff member at Imperial aiming to develop a holistic set of skills and attributes that would lead to high-quality and rewarding societal engagement experiences for both them and any participants and partners.  

About the map

There are four key competencies, each with three components. Individuals will likely develop their core skills first and then move onto advance skills – there are some examples that indicate possible skills demonstrated within each component.

Download the Societal Engagement Skills and Attributes Map (PDF).