School children take part in a demonstration at Imperial Festival

Developing a research proposal?

Download our Support for Societal Engagement statement (PDF), which details the relevant context about engagement at Imperial for your proposal. 

What funding is available to support engagement activities?

Explore internal and external funding opportunities for staff and students who are currently undertaking engagement activities with the public, or are looking to do so.

The Societal Engagement team is keen to provide advice and guidance to applicants for funding to support their engagement activities where appropriate, and is looking to understand the current portfolio of funding held across the College to support engagement. As such, we have developed a Funding Guidance, Responsibilities and Approvals document to clarify the process. Any feedback would be welcome.

If your organisation offers an engagement funding opportunity that you think should be included here, get in touch.

If you're considering applying for engagement funding and would like to discuss your proposal, please contact us.