Multi-mode lecture theatre

Multi-mode study enables interactive learning for all Imperial students

The Business School’s innovative teaching facilities have the technology to enable Imperial students to learn safely via a mixture of on-campus and remote online teaching.   

Our multi-modal teaching delivery has enabled on-campus and online students to participate in lectures together in real-time. Students who come onto our campuses learn in a socially distanced teaching space, in accordance with the latest government restrictions. Students who are unable to be in the classroom are beamed into the lecture theatres on screens with “co-pilots” who bridge and facilitate the experience between the two modes. 

Multi-modal delivery offers flexibility to students, which is critically important during this period of uncertainty and frequent change. As opposed to fully virtual teaching, this teaching method gives students the option for an in-person classroom experience when possible. And for those who are joining remotely, the multi-mode experience gives a heightened classroom experience compared to a fully online class.  

We’re fortunate to have an award-winning education technology team in the Business School, the Edtech Lab. They are experts in designing and delivering online programmes, having built from the ground up our top-ranked Global Online MBA and two online master’s programmes. 

Their expertise has facilitated multi-mode to work effortlessly, seamlessly integrating this new technology into our teaching spaces. 

What you need to know about multi-mode delivery

Multi-mode teaching allows students the flexibility to move between being on-campus and remote learning. Here is key information about how multi-mode teaching works: 

  • Tailored timetables are provided for each student depending on which mode they are joining, factoring in time-zones and their next opportunity to be on campus. 
  • Students joining the on-campus mode learn in a socially distanced teaching space, where government restrictions allow. All students and staff on campus are encouraged to make the most of our asymptomatic COVID-19 testing facilities to ensure that the experience is as safe as possible. 
  • Students who are unable to be on campus can attend their classes through the remote mode and be part of the live classroom. 
  • There is flexibility for students who may need to leave or return to the UK due to implications of COVID-19 on travel or other plans. Students can seamlessly transition to full remote teaching if restrictions prevent on campus teaching. 

For students in the classroom, face coverings are essential, hand sanitisers and multi-surface cleaning wipes are available around the campus and social distancing measures are in place. Imperial’s COVID-19 Contact Tracing Hub complements the NHS Test and Trace service and assists with contact tracing for students and staff. 

Find out about the multi-mode experience and what it’s like to study at Imperial College from our students

The multi-mode teaching this year has allowed me to benefit from in-person teaching in a safe environment despite the challenging conditions that we have all faced. Remote lectures have been adapted well so that students can still have an enjoyable and informative experience.
MSc Finance 2020-21
Govind Grewal, MSc Finance 2020-21, student at Imperial College Business School