Imperial Business Design Studio

The Imperial Business Design Studio creates new empirical evidence on the impact of design thinking on business and on the relationship between business, technology and data-driven technologies. It aims to equip students with future-proof leadership and problem-solving skills, and assist with the needs of organisations looking to build capabilities in design thinking, with an emphasis on design-driven digital transformation. 


The Imperial Business Design Studio aims to be a centre of excellence, conducting cutting-edge research on the impact of design thinking on business, and on the role of design thinking in the responsible use of technology and data.


To tackle this new era of business challenges with an updated view on design thinking that is more informed by computer and data science.


The Imperial Business Design Studio is the result of a long-term collaboration with data-driven service design agency Normally, who will be the Studio’s main partner in developing content and delivering education programmes. Additional design practitioners will be part of the Studio’s extended team as industry associates and will collaborate with the Studio on an ad-hoc basis.

Design thinking 

Design thinking is a human-centred approach to solving business problems and tackling societal challenges that require innovative thinking skills. It can be used both for developing new business ideas and unlocking hidden value in existing products, services and technologies. Benefits include significant economic value creation for stakeholders, meaningful differentiation of products/services and improved customer experience.

“The Imperial Business Design Studio aims to be an objective, non-competitive environment where industry, government and academia come together to generate new knowledge and best practices on how to use design thinking to tackle current societal and industry challenges.”
Ileana Stigliani
Associate Professor of Design & Innovation
Ileana Stigliani Office