We apply cutting-edge research to create transformational online learning experiences.

The Edtech Lab was Imperial College London's very first digital learning and education group, established in 2005. We have championed the substantial increase in the use of educational technology at the Business School, launching a Global Online MBA programme in 2015, recently ranked #1 in the UK and #2 in the world in the QS Online MBA rankings 2020.

We have received numerous awards along the way including an Effective Practice Award at the Sloan-C Blended Learning Conference in 2011 and a silver award for Business Education at the 2018 QS Reimagine Education conference. 

Our key drivers

"People are human and we value crafting programmes like craftspeople. We see course development as a creative process that has a strong human element. Think of the last time you’ve called a company and entered an automated support system. That’s the antithesis of what we attempt to do; we believe in connectivity and dialogue amongst humans."
Director, Edtech Lab
David Lefevre