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Last month the 30-year anniversary of the Undergraduate Suite took place and we celebrated it with a fantastic event in London. The event featured a star studded panel with Joint Honours graduates who have been doing amazing things with their career. Below are their stories. 

Gloria Cheung Square

Gloria Cheng

Gloria works as a business analyst intern at Sony Music Entertainment in the Global Business Development and Digital Strategy team. Working closely with both account managers and business analysts, she focuses on conducting in-depth business analysis and negotiating commercial agreements with global and multi-territory digital partners. This spans across various industries, including gaming and fitness, and multiple platforms such as Spotify and YouTube Music.

Prior to her current position, Gloria completed a BSc in Biological Sciences and Management in 2020 and MSc in Strategic Marketing in 2021 at Imperial Business School in which she was honoured on the Dean’s List. One of her highlights during her Masters’ degree was working with Immediate Media, a magazine publishing client, for her consulting project module. This involved proposing marketing strategies to digitalise traditional subscription products.

Outside of work, she is passionate about music and dance. She is one of the lead choreographers of Funkology, Imperial’s Hip Hop dance society.

lee cowie

Lee Cowie

Lee is currently Chief Technology Officer for Merlin Entertainments, the world’s 2nd largest location-based entertainment company by visitor volume. He runs a global team spread across 4 continents in 28 countries and is responsible for the technology strategy, the day-to-day operation of the IT and the delivery of new technology to help entertain the guests. Some of our attractions are the size of a small town and there is a lot of behind-the-scenes technology that goes into making a great day out.

Lee graduated from the joint honours programme at Imperial in 1999 and went onto a graduate role at Norwich Union (AVIVA), before a series of job changes saw him land in Broadcast media working for a spin off from the BBC. There he ran the team that launched the very first version of BBC iPlayer and eventually ran video on demand service for all the UK’s major TV terrestrial broadcasters. Lee subsequently moved to Ericsson and spent 4 years travelling the world opening new TV broadcast stations in many countries.

Lee completed an MBA in 2010 and found the joint honours programme gave him a great leg up in completing that course.

Jason Parmer

Jason Parmer

Jason currently works at TikTok where he leads the UK Gaming team.

Jason graduated from Imperial with a Chemistry & Business Management joint honours in 2013. After graduating he joined Microsoft as a grad to follow his passion for Tech. Starting in the corporate services arm, he then moved to the fast-paced digital advertising arm of Microsoft.

Jason then moved to King, the makers of Candy Crush (who had just been acquired by Activision Blizzard) to launch the company-wide Advertising business. This was quite a fun venture, joining a new stealth team pre-revenue to build it up to well over >$100m run rate and 15x the team within 3 years made for some fun stories. Jason then moved to Berlin for a brief stint leading programmatic revenue at OneFootball, before COVID made him decide to come back to London, where he joined TikTok to launch their Ad Network across the EU before leading Gaming.

Jason is a specialist in programmatic digital advertising, most things technology & the gaming industry (and a bit of VR). Where he can go into very deep detail though is in-app advertising (IAA) & digital brand advertising.


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