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Ukachi Carol Okere is a student studying the Global Online MBA at Imperial College Business School. In this blog, she highlights the unique features and benefits of The Hub, our exclusive online learning environment developed by the IDEA Lab, offers practical tips on how to effectively use it for studying, and shares insights into managing the recommended weekly study time. 

"The Hub's interactive features foster engagement and collaboration among our cohort. Through functionalities such as voting on submissions and leaving comments, we can initiate discussions and explore topics, enriching their learning experience with diverse perspectives and insights."
Ukachi Carol Okere, Global Online MBA

Welcome to The Hub

The Hub is an online classroom that supports the learning journey of students enrolled in online programmes, such as my programme, the Global Online MBA. It is a virtual consolidated lecture room that includes different programme modules, a newsfeed, files and video recordings, a module team, and more.

Ukachi Carol Okere
Ukachi Carol Okere at the Business School

Key features of The Hub 

Below are the navigation tabs that I believe enhance the platform experience.  

  • Modules:  Access interactive course materials, such as videos, quizzes, and simulations, that enhance retention and understanding. 

  • Newsfeed: We can stay updated on our programme and upcoming events for a more robust learning experience. 

  • Documents: Organises key study documents and student resources in one section for better focus.  

  • Ed Discussion: This tool facilitates collaborative learning by enabling class discussions and direct communication with the programme team. 

  • Team:  We can easily find the contact information of the Programme Team within the app, which helps them get assistance when needed. 

  • Directory: The platform offers a convenient way to locate other students in your programme and view their summarised profiles. It allows you to quickly find people you found interesting during a class discussion with ease. With features like LinkedIn links, mobile numbers, and email addresses, it serves as an excellent networking tool for students to connect with one another. 

  • Calendar: This tab is crucial as it displays upcoming deadlines for coursework, quizzes, and exams, helping you avoid missing any submissions. 

  • Help: Ensure that the programme or platform supports users by providing clickable buttons to request programme, module, or technical support. 

  • WISEflow: This is the digital exam delivery system that allows you to take exams remotely on your own device. 

  • Exams: Get prepared for your exam by accessing key information such as exam timetables. 

  • Student support: A comprehensive list of academic and pastoral care resources is easily accessible to us on The Hub. 

  • My Grades/Feedback: The platform offers a convenient way to view your grades and feedback for all your coursework and exams throughout your studies.  

After selecting a module, additional tabs will become available providing module-specific information. 

  • Calendar: The schedule is filled with class timings along with crucial dates for graded and non-graded coursework.  

  • Files: All live class materials are available here for students to reference. 

  • Assessment: For ease of reference, module weightings and a list of courses that contribute to the score are available. 

  • Readings: Links to all the required readings for each week are provided. 

  • Live classes: Students can easily access live class schedules with a single click instead of navigating through the calendar. 

  • Recordings: The video recordings of all the live classes are available here for students to refer to. 

What are the benefits of The Hub? 

The Hub offers us a versatile platform, empowering us to study at our own pace while staying mindful of deadlines. This platform is also integrated with Outlook calendar, so we never miss important events or due dates. Additionally, the synchronisation of Outlook email with The Hub guarantees that information reaches us promptly via our school email and is also accessible on the Newsfeed, catering to the needs of busy professionals. 

The Hub also provides in-app support. This support extends to receiving tutor feedback and comments on submitted work, as well as the opportunity to review other students' submissions, excluding confidential material.  

The platform's Progress Analytics bar offers a visual representation of personal progress alongside the class average, enabling us to monitor our performance relative to our peers. This feature serves as a motivator, encouraging us to strive for continual improvement. 

The Hub's interactive features foster engagement and collaboration among our cohort. Through functionalities such as voting on submissions and leaving comments, we can initiate discussions and explore topics, enriching their learning experience with diverse perspectives and insights. 

How to participate in online group discussions effectively  

I have found that maintaining regular communication and coordination is key to group success. Scheduling weekly meetings provides an opportunity to align goals, track progress, and address any concerns or challenges that arise. This proactive approach helps ensure that everyone remains focused and engaged in the group's objectives. 

It's important to voice your thoughts and opinions confidently while also being mindful of others' perspectives. Respect for differing viewpoints fosters a collaborative environment where everyone feels valued. 

When working remotely with larger groups, dividing tasks among smaller teams can enhance efficiency. Each team can focus on specific aspects of the project or activity before reconvening to share insights and findings with the larger group. This approach encourages individual accountability while promoting collective brainstorming and problem-solving. 

How to manage the recommended weekly study time  

 Allocating dedicated time on weekdays for one subject and reserving the weekends for another has worked well for me, particularly for core modules with two subjects per semester. 

Maintaining discipline amidst competing priorities can be challenging, but establishing a consistent study routine will help. Allotting approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes in the morning and another 1 hour and 30 minutes in the evening for study sessions before and after work can significantly enhance productivity. Additionally, committing to nightly study sessions and dedicating substantial time on weekends will further support your learning.