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From the harshest heatwaves to the most rapid glacier melts, a horrible record is broken almost every year as a result of climate change. As mentioned in the Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, investments in low-carbon energy technology need to increase five times by 2050, compared to 2015, in order to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels.

The alternative? Extreme weather conditions, rising sea levels, and loss of ecosystems, among many other repercussions should we not take collaborative action to address climate change.

These alarming concerns have strongly motivated me to pursue a career as an investment analyst that focuses on green investments*, with the goal of one day managing my own green fund. For me to reach this goal, I need to gain the necessary skills for me to excel in the green investments space. That is why I chose to study MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance programme at Imperial College Business School.

The unique nature of the programme, which integrates finance and management with climate change, means I can develop a holistic understanding of how businesses, organisations and governments can help tackle severe issues. How do we decarbonise heavy-emitting sectors? What are the approaches and steps companies can take to account of climate risks? How can policymakers ensure a just transition to Net Zero? How can businesses utilise current carbon accounting practices to develop Net Zero strategies? I’ve had the amazing opportunity to learn and answer these questions (and many more!) throughout my time on the programme.

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So far, I’ve come up with a decarbonisation strategy for a global food company, developed a mitigation plan for farmers in Mexico, and tackled financial problems whilst considering climate risks. This goes to show just how diverse, complete, and practical the MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance modules are. Furthermore, modules such as Clean Technology Investments, Climate Finance, and Innovation in Clean Tech & Climate Solutions will develop my competencies in assessing and analysing climate investment opportunities. In addition, the programme’s strategy and management modules have thus far allowed me to expand my understanding of different mechanisms to tackle climate change through various innovative sustainable strategies.

Whilst the modules are incredibly stimulating, I also love the fact that the programme is taught in partnership with the Grantham Institute. This means we have access to learn and leverage from its many international, government, industry, and non-governmental partners. So far, we’ve had exclusive speaker sessions with industry experts such as Mark Campanale (founder and executive chair of the Carbon Tracker Initiative), Marisa Drew (Chief Sustainability Officer for Credit Suisse), Benjamin Yeoh (Sustainability Portfolio Manager at RBC Global Asset Management) and many more, allowing us to understand how sustainability and climate change considerations are being practiced in the real world.

If that isn’t enough, MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance also allows us to put theory into practice in the summer term, either through a work placement or a consulting project for prestigious companies the School has partnered with. This was a strong factor in making my decision to choose the programme. Taking what I have learned in the classroom and implementing it in the real world whilst having access to Imperial Business School’s vast knowledge and resources seemed too great of an opportunity to miss.

Having gone through the first few months of the programme, I can safely say it is one of the best decisions I’ve taken for my career. As an aspiring investment analyst whose line of focus is on green investments, there is no better way to prepare myself for what’s to come than through the challenging and rigorous MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance.

*Green investments: Investments channelled into renewable energy, low carbon technology, climate-resilient infrastructure, and innovative climate solutions.

Muaz Bin Mohd Hasnol_MSc Climate Change_Management_Finance_2021-22_profile

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