Economics & Public Policy Publications 2019
Type Title Authors Publisher Journal Volume Publication Date
Journal Article <a href="">Front-of-pack labelling policies and the need for guidance</a> Goiana-da-Silva, F., Cruz-e-Silva, D.,<strong> Miraldo, M.</strong>, Calhau, C., Bento, A., Cruz, D., Almeida, F., Darzi, A., Araujo, F. Elsevier Sci Ltd Lancet Public Health Volume 4, pp.E15-E15 01 January 2019
Journal Article <a href="">The effect of school sports facilities on physical activity, health and socioeconomic status in adulthood</a> Black, N., Johnston, D.W., <strong>Propper, C.</strong>, Shields, M.A. Social Science And Medicine Volume 220, pp.120-128 01 January 2019
Journal Article <a href="">The European Framework for Regulating Telecommunications: A 25-year Appraisal </a> Cave, M., Genakos, C., <strong> Valletti, T.</strong> Review Of Industrial Organization 01 January 2019
Journal Article <a href="">Does global drug innovation correspond to burden of disease? The neglected diseases in developed and developing countries</a> Barrenho, E.,<strong> Miraldo, M.</strong>, Smith, P.C. Wiley Health Economics Volume 28, pp.123-143 01 January 2019
Journal Article Some Causal Effects of an Industrial Policy Criscuolo, C.,<strong> Martin, R.</strong>, Overman, H.G., Van Reenen, J. Amer Economic Assoc American Economic Review Volume 109, pp.48-85 01 January 2019
Journal Article <a href="">Global public health challenges, fiscal policies, and yellow vests</a> <strong>Sassi, F. </strong> Elsevier Science Inc Lancet Volume 393, pp.745-746 23 February 2019
Journal Article <a href="">The Value of Personal Information in Online Markets with Endogenous Privacy</a> Montes, R., Sand-Zantman, W., <strong>Valletti, T.</strong> Informs Management Science Volume 65, pp.1342-1362 01 March 2019
Journal Article <a href=" ">How effective are organ donation committees, and how can they be improved?</a> Silva, G., Gor, R., Patel, N., Gupta, S., Manivannan, T., Manu, S., Sharma, A., Gardiner, D., <strong>Cox, B.</strong> British Journal Of Health Care Management Volume 25, pp.113-121 02 March 2019
Journal Article <a href="">Physician altruism and moral hazard: (no) Evidence from Finnish national prescriptions data</a> Crea, G., Galizzi, M.M., Linnosmaa, I., <strong>Miraldo, M. </strong> Journal Of Health Economics Volume 65, pp.153-169 01 May 2019
Journal Article The Impact of CEOS in the Public Sector: Evidence from the English NHS Janke, K.,<strong> Propper, C.</strong>, Sadun, R. 01 May 2019
Journal Article <a href="">Getting prices right in structural electricity market models</a> Ward, K.R., <strong>Green, R.</strong>, Staffell, I. Elsevier Sci Ltd Energy Policy 01 May 2019 01 May 2019