Graduate Placements

In recent years, our PhD graduates have joined leading universities, research centres and institutions such as Tsinghua University, Copenhagen Business School, the Bank of England, Credit Suisse, the European Securities and Market Authority, JP Morgan, HSBC and Renmin University in China.

The doctoral programme has been re-structured in recent years to focus on academic development and it is anticipated that upcoming placements will focus more on academia than industry.

2019/20 graduates

  • Assistant Professor in Finance, University of Durham
  • Assistant Professor in Finance, Leibniz Institute for Financial Research (SAFE)
  • Lecturer in Finance, Adam Smith Business School, University of Glasgow
  • Postdoctoral Research in Finance, University of Mannheim
  • Senior Quantitative Analyst, Fitch Ratings
  • Research Economist, Bank of England

2018/19 graduates

  • Assistant Professor of Finance and Statistical Analysis at Alberta School of Business, Canada
  • Research Economist at the Bank of England
  • Assistant Professor of Finance at Université Laval, Canada
  • Assistant Professor of Finance at Skema Business School, France
  • Assistant Professor of Finance at Trulaske College of Business, US
  • Barclays Bank, London
  • Assistant Professor of Financial Management at IESE Business School, Spain

2017/18 graduates

  • Assistant Professor of Finance, Tsinghua University, China
  • Assistant Professor of Finance, University of International Business and Economics, China
  • Director at BCS Prime Brokerage
  • Entrepreneur Exceptional Talent award, founder of start-up Arraystream technologies
  • Associate, Scientific Implementation at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, London
  • Barclays Bank, London
  • Algorithms and Data Science Consultant at Carv by MotionMetrics

2016/17 graduates

  • Assistant Professor of Finance, Renmin University, China
  • Analyst at JP Morgan, UK
  • Economist, Bank of England, UK
  • Financial Risk Manager, Just Group, UK
  • Associate Director, UBS Investment Bank
  • EU Policy Officer, The European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA), France

Previous placements and graduate destinations:

  • CEO and co-founder of Motion Metrics Limited
  • Assistant Professor in Finance at Copenhagen Business School
  • Head of Exposure Analytics London at Credit Suisse
  • Associate Director, UBS Investment Bank UK
  • Founder of Tech start-up E.K. Technologies
  • Macro Strategist at Oxford Economics
  • Quantitative & Derivative Strategist at Barclays Investment Bank
  • Vice President, Quantitative Research with Pantheon Ventures
  • Assistant Professor at Renmin University, China
  • Assistant Professor of Finance at American University, Beirut
  • Senior Regulatory Change Analyst, Credit Suisse
  • Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Accounting, SOAS University of London
  • Senior Investment Analysis at City Financial Investment Company, UK
  • Quantitative Analyst, Fidelity Investments
  • Director of Asian Studies Centre and Development, Suratthani Rajabhat University in Thailand
  • Quantitative Researcher, JP Morgan
  • Fund Advisor, Barak Fund Management
  • Director, Black & White Capital (Investment Management)
  • Senior Risk Analyst, Deutsche Bank
  • Data Analytics Supervisor, Garanti Payment Systems