People - finance

Franklin Allen, Professor of Finance and Executive Director, Brevan Howard Centre

Harjoat Bhamra, Associate Professor of Finance

Enrico Biffis, Associate Professor of Actuarial Finance

Patrick Bolton, Professor of  Finance

Andrea Buraschi, Chair in Finance

Lara Cathcart, Associate Professor

Gilles Chemla, Professor of Finance, Co-Director of the Centre for Financial Technology

Claudia Custodio, Associate Professor of Finance

Pasquale Della Corte, Associate Professor of Finance

Walter Distaso, Professor of Financial Econometrics

Jim Goldman, Assistant Professor (Visiting)

Chris Hansman, Assistant Professor of Financial Economics

Rustam Ibragimov, Professor of Finance & Econometrics

Rajkamal Iyer, Associate Professor of Finance

Marcin Kacperczyk, Professor of Finance

Paymon Khorrami, Assistant Professor of Finance 

Robert Kosowski, Associate Professor of Finance

Clara Martinez-Toledano, Assistant Professor of Financial Economics

Alexander Michaelides, Professor of Finance and Head of Department of Finance

David Miles, Professor of Financial Economics

Ramana Nanda, Visiting Professor of Entrepreneurial Finance

Emiliano Pagnotta, Assistant Professor of Finance

Jose Luis Peydro, Professor of Finance

Tarun Ramadorai, Professor of Financial Economics

Ailsa Roell, Professor of Finance 

James Sefton, Chair in Economics and Academic Programme Director

Savitar Sundaresan, Assistant Professor of Finance

Ansgar Walther, Assistant Professor of Finance

Paolo Zaffaroni, Professor of Financial Econometrics

Professors of Practice

Deeph Chana, Professor of Practice, Co-Director of the Centre for Financial Technology

Charles Donovan, Director of the Centre for Climate Finance & Investment, Professor of Practice

Michael Wells, Professor of Practice

Teaching and Research Fellows

Jolande Bot-Vos, Senior Teaching Fellow

Jeremy Fernando, Senior Teaching Fellow

Jianliang (Liam) Gao, Teaching Fellow (joint with Graduate School)

Anastasiya Ostrovnaya, Research Fellow

Research Associates

Marco Francischello, Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Associate

Ruoke Yang, Postdoctoral Teaching and Research Associate

Courtesy Appointments

Stephen Hansen, Associate Professor in Economics

Professional staff

Anne Louise Burnett, Centre Manager, Centre for Financial Technology

Dalia Daou, Centre Manager, Centre for Climate Finance & Investment

Jaswinder Gill, Centre Manager, Brevan Howard Centre for Financial Analysis

Megan Irving, EA to the Associate Dean/Administrator, Brevan Howard Centre

Humayra Jones, Department Administrator

Moira Rankin, EA to Head of Department/Department Administrator

Anna Wilhelme, Department Administrator