Imperial College

Honorary fellowships are awarded to individuals with very significant achievements in leadership, management, innovation or entrepreneurship. Honorary fellows contribute to the school variously via teaching and mentoring, providing advice, and leading key initiatives at the interface between academia and management practice.

Current members of our network of honorary fellows who are closely associated with the School are listed below.

Department of Economics and Public Policy

  • Karen Watson

Department of Finance

  • Robert Ritz
  • Robert Buhr
  • Alexandre Koberle
  • Sahid Khurshid
  • Charles Donovan
  • Gireesh Shrimali
  • Mandeep Singh
  • Vimal Balasubramaniam

Department of Management and Entrepreneurship

  • Riccardo Fini
  • Balint Dioszegi
  • Wolf-Heindrich Ulhbach
  • Fei Qin
  • Rand Gerges Yammine
  • Mike Nicholls
  • Mike Pinder
  • Tobias Stone
  • Cleo Silvestri
  • Greg Marsh
  • Shainul Kasam
  • Simone Ishikawa
  • John Sergides
  • Rob Wolcott  

Business School

  • Mr. Iain Conn