The Risk Management Laboratory, better known as the Risk Lab, was a precursor of the Brevan Howard Centre for Financial Analysis. It was also funded through the generosity of Alan and Sabine Howard and Brevan Howard. In its short life, it was a focus for research on financial topics at Imperial College London and organised a number of conferences and public lectures. Its interests were divided into a number of research streams:

  • Climate Change & Risk Management
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Asset Pricing & Macro-Finance
  • Hedge Funds & Alternative Investments
  • Corporate Finance & Financial Institutions
  • Ageing & Pensions.

The Risk Lab’s Mission

Firms, governments and individuals face risks of increasing magnitude and complexity. Important risks affecting societies around the globe include financial risks (as highlighted during the 2007-08 crisis) but also risks related to climate change and ageing. Financial stability at both a firm and economy-wide level depends crucially on effective risk management and regulation.

The Risk Management Laboratory works closely with academics, private sector firms and public sector bodies on common research initiatives, training and workshops.


  • to develop innovative and high-quality programmes of academic research;
  • to work closely with a select group of private and public sector organisations to develop practical solutions to their risk problems;
  • to provide a forum for academics, regulators and the industry to exchange views;
  • to influence policy debates affecting the financial industry by bringing together academic researchers, senior regulators and top industry representatives;
  • to create fruitful research links between experts in financial analysis in the Business School and researchers looking at aspects of risk in other Imperial faculties.

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