Hand puts wooden cubes with net zero icon in 2050 on grey background

This briefing note explores the role of financial services in decarbonising the British economy. It also looks at the potential exports and jobs opportunities that could arise from the UK capitalising on its comparative advantage in green financial services. Lastly, we explore the role of policy in ensuring that these economic benefits are maximised, and that financial services can deliver on providing the capital needed for British industries to reach net zero.

 Key points

  • A high share of “green jobs” are – and will be – in the professional services sector.
  • These industries also have a greater share of the workforce in green jobs than the economy average.
  • Net zero finance has the potential to become one of the UK’s most successful green exports. 
  • Financial services will be pivotal in providing other sectors of the economy with the capital needed to support green investments – mobilising private wealth, including pension wealth, to support these projects. 
  • Financial innovations are helping organisations – and countries – deliver on and commit to net zero.