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Mirabelle Muuls, Assistant Professor in Economics at Imperial College Business School, was interviewed for BBC News Business Briefing on 21 January

Mirabelle, who is the programme director of the MSc Climate Change, Management & Finance, was questioned on the cost of climate change and what businesses are doing to tackle the issue in relation to the World Economic Forum, which is taking place in Davos this week. 

"I think 2019 was the year when we started being aware that climate change is not something that will go away," she said. "In 2020 it will be very interesting to see if business and politics rise to the challenge."

Mirabelle went on to highlight projects at Imperial which are intended to help in the fight against climate change. 

"At Imperial College we have students who are young, and keen to change, and they are actually making changes by studying and understanding the science and then moving into businesses to have a positive impact.

"I see seeds of change all around the world. For example some of our students are setting up solar energy businesses in refugee camps, others are thinking of new financial instruments to allow for tree planting to be done in a cost effective way and for businesses to have the right incentives to bring about change."

Two Imperial College Business School faculty members will be present at this year's World Economic Forum: Professor Jonathan Haskel will be speaking on subjects including the future of competitiveness and the future of the new economic agenda, and Associate Professor Harjoat Bhamra will be speaking on a panel as part of the Blockchain Economic Forum.

Click here for the full interview with Mirabelle (starts at 03:34).

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