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Global Action on Poverty (GAP) 2015 – Call for Change-Makers and Catalysts!

If you are interested in making a difference in society  and wanting to bring your skills and expertise and resources to see real actionable change happen, especially in India, you have a great opportunity to do so through GAP – Global Action on Poverty, a platform with a vision for individuals and organisations to act to eradicate poverty globally.

What is GAP?

This exciting platform is being launched on 12/13 March 2015 at the Gandhi Sabarmati Ashram in India, and is bringing together 10 Mentors who have worked in the area of poverty eradication for the last few decades, including Muhammadd Yunus (Former founder of Grameen Bank & Nobel Peace Prize winner), Bill Drayton (Founder of Ashoka), Ela Bhatt (Founder of SEWA), Bunker Roy (Founder of Barefoot College) and others  and launching 100 Changemakers who have ideas that will alleviate poverty and 100 Catalysts (individuals from companies, philanthropists, CSR executives, NGOs, government, entrepreneurs, impact investors and incubators) who will support them with specific resources and expertise to make their ideas sustainable.  These Changemakers and Catalysts can come from any part of the world and the only criteria for engagement is that they have a specific interest and passion to make social change happen in India.

What will happen on the 2 days?

Arun Maira, who is known for his superb work at the Boston Consulting Group, which he chaired, and at the Planning Commission of India, has designed the 2 days to be highly interactive, in a workshop format, to bring forth all the learning and preparation needed to generate a plan to succeed.  Teamworks, headed by the well-known Sanjoy Roy, who invented the Jaipur Lit Fest, will manage the entire event.  Thus, Changemakers, Catalysts and Mentors will inspire, support and collectively get into action in these 2 days and mobilise some key initiatives that will eradicate poverty in India.

How can you engage?

We seek nominations for Changemakers, who have an idea that will make change happen in India

We want to engage passionate Catalysts, who can bring their expertise, resources and potentially their organisation’s capacities to support these Changemakers and also get supported.

We would like to invite Patrons and Friends of GAP, who would like to make a significant difference by being associated with GAP and its work and by contributing financially.

If this interests you and you want to know more, please email us at