Grazia Antonacci


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On 17 October 2017 the third edition of the European Health Parliament (EHP) was officially launched in Brussels. Grazia Antonacci was selected to join the parliament along with 55 young professionals representing European members States. The ambition is to reinvent European healthcare by enabling young professionals from different backgrounds to debate and formulate innovative ideas about major European healthcare challenges.

The role of the EHP is to liaise between key stakeholders, share ideas with policy makers, NGOs, and the media, and to deliver high-level policy-oriented recommendations to the European Commission as possible legislative proposals. The EHP is unique, as it is comprised of a diverse group of young professionals from clinical, academic, industrial and entrepreneurial backgrounds, all hailing from different countries with different cultures and mentalities around health, but with one common goal: to make healthcare safer, affordable and accessible-to-all. Established healthcare stakeholders are often ushered into silos and can fail to work in a synergistic way. The EHP provides a plurality of perspectives to identify key issues and accelerate policy changes by focusing on innovative tools to achieve an integrated European healthcare system.

The European Health Parliament is supported by: EU40, Politico, Johnson & Johnson, European Patients Forum, College of Europe, and Google.