Lise Kingo


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The Leonardo Centre has appointed businesswoman Lise Kingo as its new Advisory Board chair

Lise Kingo, an Independent Board Director at French multinational pharmaceutical company Sanofi, was CEO and Executive Director of the United Nations Global Compact, a voluntary initiative to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies, from 2015-20. 

In 1988, Lise joined Novo Industries (now Novo Nordisk). She served as Chief of Staff, Executive Vice President and member of the Executive Management team, and was instrumental in defining Novo Nordisk's sustainable business strategy. 

As part of her work championing sustainability measures, she gave an interview in 2018 in which she argued the case for companies to take urgent action on Sustainable Development Goals intended to be achieved by 2030.

“My message is one of urgency. We only have 4,500 days left. It is the biggest transformation challenge the world has ever faced and it will take all stakeholders to pull it off: governments, the private sector, civil society as well as all of us as consumers. … There is no plan B and it would be so embarrassing if we had to tell our children and grandchildren that we had this amazing plan with 17 very clear goals but we couldn’t get our act together. I think that would be unbearable," she told Reuters at the time.

A native of Denmark, Lise has a bachelor's degree in Marketing & Economics from the Copenhagen Business School, a master's degree in Responsibility & Business from the University of Bath and is certified as a director by INSEAD in France.

Lise will drive the Leonardo Centre’s institutional and business development agenda in collaboration with the directors and the other members of the Advisory Board.

The Leonardo Centre is headed up by Maurizio Zollo, Scientific Director and Professor of Strategy & Sustainability at Imperial College Business School, and Executive Director Livio Scalvini.