Conference southwest China


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For the last two years Rahul Bansal, Associate of RGC and Professor Richard Green have been advising the coal mine companies of Southwest China to build business models for commercially utilising Coal Mine Methane in the region. 

The aim of the project is to reduce methane emission by enabling commercial use of Coal Mine Methane (‘CMM’) from an industrial perspective, in power generation onto grids and/or by sale to gas users (in the form of Compressed Natural Gas ‘CNG’ or Liquefied Natural Gas ‘LNG’). CMM commercial use would become a new energy cluster, together with Coal Bed Methane development and technological improvements, to contribute to low carbon economy. This could develop a new clean energy industry in South-West China, combining CMM extraction and drainage with commercial use, to generate greater profits while reducing emissions.

In October 2013, a new perspective based on business models and customer focus was presented by Rahul to various stakeholders at a two day conference in China. The conference was attended by representatives from the US and UK Embassies, Chinese government officials, Chinese state-owned corporations and private coal operators. Participants appreciated the new perspective and expressed interest in broadening the scope of engagement with experts from Imperial College London in 2014.

The Rajiv Gandhi Centre will continue to support the establishment of a methane network in Southwest China to facilitate information and exchange of knowledge, serving as a platform for wider understanding between Chinese and foreign practitioners for advancement of CMM commercial use. Alongside the network, it will continue to be a part of a professional task force in Southwest China to provide advice and consultancy on CMM commercial development.