CEO Speakers

CEO Speaker Series

At Imperial College Business School, we are proud to attract world-class leaders to campus to share their insights and experiences on current business issues, corporate strategies and complex management situations.

In this new series, current/former CEOs, Chairman or Presidents visit the Business school and share their practical knowledge with students, faculty, alumni and invited guests from industry.

Leadership in Action

In the Leadership in Action series, distinguished figures come on campus to share their practical leadership experience and cutting-edge ideas to transform business and society. Diversity is a key element of this series, and speakers have come from different sectors including business, politics and society.

The overall goal of the series is to redefine leadership and discuss the challenges associated to lead innovation and change in complex business environments and society.

Past speakers include:

  • Dr Catherine Bishop, Olympic Medallist and Diplomat

  • Martyn Jones, Former Head of Global Innovation at Deloitte

  • Andreas Coscelli, Executive Director of the Competition and Markets Authority

  • Jacob Nell, Chief UK Economist at Morgan Stanley

"The network of inspirational people who attend the course is invaluable for career progression and lifelong friendships and the variety of additional events on offer, for example the Leadership in Action talks are a fantastic way to learn about the workings of other industries."
Executive MBA 2015-17
Katerina Giannini