Explore business in an international market

A programme highlight for many, the Global Experience Week is a unique hands-on learning experience. With your cohort, you will travel to another country for an intensive trip to explore a new culture and business in an international context.

You will see multiple companies and learn about different sectors, from marketing to finance to the entrepreneurship scene. You will learn about international business from top executives in today’s exciting global economy and attend seminars on local culture and business.

The week is a great opportunity to build your global network, reinforce connections within your cohort and engage with alumni in the area, from the Business School and the wider Imperial College London community.

2019 Global Experience Week in Zambia

The 2018-19 class visited Lusaka, Zambia on their trip. Students worked in groups with local companies, such as co-operative fashion retail store LSK Co-op, conscious beekeeping adventure Safaribee and Apters, an organisation that produces mobility aids from recycled paper and cardboard. Find out more about their experience in Robert Carter’s student video diary.

This is an integral part of the Full-Time MBA programme, with costs included in your tuition fees.

2018 Global Experience Week in Chile

The 2017-18 class went to Chile and visited local companies and charities, which provided them with an opportunity to get insight into the country’s unique business environment and find out how the history of the country has shaped both the economic and cultural character of the region. You can see more of what they experienced in our video, or in the photos below.

We had a week planned for us which was jam-packed with activities. A particular highlight for me was visiting a healthcare charity that was doing some amazing work in paediatric burns. We met the founder who is a 70-year-old doctor and had a really inspirational talk from him. It was an excellent bonding experience for the whole cohort and we made long-lasting friendships.
Patrick De Barr
Full-Time MBA Class of 2017-18
Patrick De Barr