Imperial Student Projects

Build your portfolio to meet your career aspirations

Perspectives on Practice is an individual, self-directed part of the programme and the final project of your MBA. This project will last between two to three months during the Summer term and is likely to be one of the most challenging yet rewarding experiences on your MBA. Integrating and synthesising your learning on the programme, together with insights from your prior work experience, you will choose to undertake either an internship or an individual project.


If you choose to undertake an internship, you are encouraged to employ your networking skills and organise one with a company that you are interested in. Support will be available from our Careers team and any opportunities that come to us directly from our corporate connections or alumni will also be advertised.

Back out in the workplace, you will continue developing your practical skills while forming useful industry relationships. At the end of your internship you will submit a project based on your work.

Students from our 2015-16 cohort secured internships at companies such as BCG, Goldman Sachs, Google, China Merchants Bank, OEE Consulting and varied startups.

Individual Project

Alternatively, you may conduct an independent project. There are several routes you could follow. You may choose to complete an individual consulting project, which entails you approaching and building your network with organisations of interest. You could also choose to undertake a consulting report covering a sector or market and one or more organisations. Alternatively, if you are looking to gain more experience in the entrepreneurial world, you may choose to develop your own business plan.

The individual project allows you to develop your ideas on a topic of interest, most likely relevant to your own post-graduation goals, by considering the implications of current thinking within an applied context.

With support from the Business School, it is up to you to decide what to do and to source your project, allowing you to choose which direction the end of your programme will head. For this project you can choose to be located anywhere in the world, meaning that you can develop your network in the area of your choice.

The ownership of this project is truly in your hands. It will be a great introduction to a new network in your sector and role of interest. Many students find that their final project is a great recruitment tool, exposing them to future career opportunities.

From the programme and projects I worked on I now feel I have great knowledge in finance, accounting, data and analytics. I never would have been comfortable working on tasks like these or been able to create financial models before my MBA.
Bryon McCaughey
Full-Time MBA 2016-17
Bryon McCaughey