Toyin Ajayi

Programme: Global Online MBA

Nationality: UK, British

Undergraduate education: Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, Nigeria, BSc Accounting

Job prior to Imperial College Business School: Senior Business Analyst, Willis Towers Watson

Global Online MBA 2017-19.

Professional background

I currently work as a Senior Business Analyst with Willis Towers Watson where I am managing process improvements, eliminating waste (Lean Management) and rolling out software to help this process.

One of my proudest moments was when I led the implementation of an online facilities software for a business unit and it went live and worked according to plan with minimal errors. This software met the expectation of the users especially after they partook in User Acceptance Testing of the product.


Choosing Imperial and the Global Online MBA

I decided to study an MBA in order to accelerate my career and hone other skills I may have such as leadership, decision making and stakeholder management.

The choice of Imperial was an easy one and there are many reasons I chose Imperial out of so many other schools that I had researched, some of which are:

  • the high ranking on different tables
  • the fact that Imperial is a Triple Crown accredited Business School
  • Imperial offers the Global Online MBA which provides ease of learning
  • The Imperial brand is a door opener at home and abroad

The Global Online MBA is definitely unique in the sense that all learning and interaction including submission of course work and networking is done virtually and not only does it work, it works well!

Imperial is unique because it bridges the gap between business and technology and brings it all together in a seamless fashion.


Experiences of the Global Online MBA so far

I have learnt things that have been rewarding so far on the programme as I find that I am able to apply such principles immediately either at work or in my personal life and that is very useful.

The most challenging part for me so far is not having face-to-face tutor access but that is easily overcome by the interaction we have with them on The Hub.

I liked the fact that we had to spend one week on campus for the induction and I found it made the programme real to me and provided the opportunity to meet some lecturers and members of my cohort which was a very important aspect; it made communication with colleagues much easier afterwards.

I have heard good things about the Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Design project from students in the previous year’s cohort. It also affords us another opportunity to all meet on campus again.

Career & Professional Development Service

I am the Careers representative for the Student Staff Committee. I therefore have a good relationship with the Career & Professional Development team who have in no small measure provided us with a lot of useful tools to prepare us for whatever path we are on, be it career acceleration, career change or entrepreneurship. This position affords me the opportunity to listen to my colleagues and pass on messages to the Careers team and vice-versa.


Juggling the work-life balance

I am a mum of two little girls (four and six) and I work full-time. Finding the balance has not been the easiest with demands from all sides, but I have had to find that balance by being an employee during the day, a mum in the evening and a student at night, knowing that it will all pay dividends. So that is my balance.


The online learning experience and The Hub

The best aspect is working at your own pace and still being able to stay on course while being flexible at the same time. The Hub works with all the tools and resources that have been integrated within it. It makes learning easy.


Favourite places to study

I like to study on the train while travelling into London (I live in Suffolk). I once studied on a park bench on my phone while my children were running around.


The Global Online MBA cohort

My cohort is an amazing bunch with combined experience of over 100 years in different fields. They are always willing to help and help is always a WhatsApp message away.

We created a WhatsApp group and all members of my cohort have been added to that group. We also use a tool called SLACK, where documents and ideas are shared easily.


Imperial opportunities and career progression

Studying the Global Online MBA has helped in my current role and towards achieving my career goals because I am now more confident about what I know and where I am going and that helps me to be more tenacious in attaining that goal.

There are quite a few opportunities that have come out of my networking within the Imperial circle. I have joined the ‘Women in Imperial’ network group, the Alumni groups, as well as the current student group where vital information is shared almost on a daily basis as it pertains to one’s field of knowledge.


Attending an information session is useful

When deciding on an institution and programme, I attended an information session online and that session sealed my decision, especially after listening to Ayo Adegbiji talk about the Personal Leadership Journey.


Tips and advice for prospective students

Don’t delay. Don’t procrastinate. Just do it the Imperial way.

Programme: Global Online MBA

Nationality: UK, British

Undergraduate education: Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife, Nigeria, BSc Accounting

Job prior to Imperial College Business School: Senior Business Analyst, Willis Towers Watson