Global Online MBA Capstone business game

The culmination of your MBA studies

This module provides you with a practical opportunity to apply and integrate what you’ve learnt during the programme and enables you to think more strategically when faced with the challenges of bringing new ideas to market.

The Capstone module has been designed from scratch to allow Global Online MBA students to apply knowledge gained from your strategy, finance, innovation, management, entrepreneurship and leadership courses.

Alongside a series of lectures on innovation, design, and entrepreneurship, you will take part in a unique business game simulation where you will analyse the innovative needs of a large multinational and develop a business case for the company to grow.

You will be required to use analytical skills to prioritise existing projects and analyse the industry, as well as the company’s worldwide strategy as well as creative skills to develop your own project.

During this on-campus module, typically taught over nine days, you will work in groups of students with complementary skills and experience.

Highly transferable knowledge and skills

Capstone is an exciting and challenging project where the knowledge and skills you gain are highly transferable to whatever career you pursue.


You will understand:

  • The concept of a commercial feasibility study
  • Market research and industry analysis
  • The difference between a business model and business plan
  • The difference between entrepreneurial thinking and doing
  • The importance of user-centric design in communicating with customers
  • The importance of a strategy to innovate


You will develop:

  • Communication skills in a multi-disciplinary team under time pressure
  • The practical skills needed to assess commercial potential of new products or research under development
  • Collaboration skills to work in interdisciplinary groups
  • The strategic thinking required to effectively address the challenges of introducing new products to market
  • The skills necessary to build a strong client-consultant relationship and deliver value through the project to the client

Learning outcomes

By the end of the module, you will be able to:

  • Perform in a multi-disciplinary team under time pressure
  • Adopt a structured approach to market research and industry analysis
  • Think strategically when faced with the challenges of introducing new products to market
  • Evaluate the commercial potential of an idea
  • Prepare a business case in a multinational environment
  • Report, present and defend recommendations to an expert panel
I was running a start-up, a real life MBA if you will, but I needed more – something different, something unique that would give me the edge. Imperial College fit the bill with its strong research, innovation and entrepreneurship focus.
Khilona Radia
Global Online MBA: Class of 2016-18