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Career Impact chart - MSc Business Analytics

Employment success (on campus programme)

95 %
Employed within three months
28 %
Employed in Consulting
48 %
Employed in UK

Careers services

You will graduate from MSc Business Analytics well-equipped to launch or progress your career in business analytics. Graduates will work in a wide variety of roles and sectors including digital, retail, healthcare, finance, logistics and supply-chain.

As a MSc Business Analytics student you will have access to Imperial College Business School Careers, who will help you identify and achieve your future goals and formulate your post-degree career strategy.

Whether you are seeking to launch or progress your career in business analytics, our team will be on-hand with a range of services including one-to-one consultations and careers webinars to help you make it happen.

You’ll have access to our expert consultants throughout the year, who will work with you to identify your skills and strengths, refine your CV, set up mock interviews and review your overall career strategy. You can also call upon their support once you have graduated, for ongoing help and guidance in your career.

Before you start the programme you will have access to a suite of online career modules. These modules will help you develop your career strategy, understand how to effectively market yourself and ultimately find a career that is right for you. The modules include hints and tips from recruiters and current students, which will help ensure you are well-placed to start working with the Careers team from day one to maximise your chance of finding your ideal job.

In our workshops you will receive guidance on preparing CVs, cover letters and application forms. Not only will you be able to develop your interview and assessment centre skills, but you will also further your personal development through refining your presentation and networking skills as well as your cross-culture team work.

Our Employer Relations team is responsible for building and developing sustainable relationships with top employers that our students aspire to work for. We pride ourselves on offering a first-class service to our corporate contacts, students and alumni, and host a number of events to help students gain the commercial awareness they will require to be successful through the assessment process and beyond.

We work closely with a number of large employers such as Amazon, Apple, Morgan Stanley, Dyson, McKinsey, LVMH, Kraft-Heinz, and JP Morgan, alongside small and medium-sized firms and start-ups.

"I started using the Careers services at Imperial early in the summer before the start of the term. I attended several seminars, panel talks on consulting, and booked one-to-one sessions to improve my CV and cover letter. Once the programme started, Careers also organised many insightful events such as case study workshops and mock interviews, which best prepared me for my interviews and helped me to land job offers."
MSc Business Analytics 2021
Ashley Cai MSc Business Analytics 2020-21