Dedicated support for every step of your journey with us

Imperial College Business School Careers provides world-class support that is tailored to your own individual career aspirations, and is an integral part of your MSc Business Analytics programmes.

As a MSc Business Analytics student you will have access to Imperial College Business School Careers, who will help you identify and achieve your future goals and formulate your post-degree career strategy. With close links to industry and a busy calendar of events, workshops and personal development programmes, you will be prepared to enter a highly competitive recruitment market.

Employment statistics: class of 2022 (on-campus)

99 %

employed within six months

30 %

employed in finance

49 %

employed in the UK

Four students sitting round a table on laptops at Imperial College Business School

Career consultants

You will set up at least one initial appointment in the autumn term, alongside attending an induction presentation. Throughout the year you will have access to our team of expert career consultants, who will help you reach your goals. A range of one-to-one and small group appointments are available offering the following services: 

  • Career planning to identify your skills and strengths 
  • Application support including CV, Cover Letter and Personal Statements 
  • Practising your ‘pitch’ or improving your LinkedIn profile 
  • Mock interviewing to gain feedback on your interview technique 
  • Case study or case interview practice sessions 
  • Technical interview preparation 
  • Guidance on how to negotiate job offers 

Career services

We run a broad range of workshops each year to develop students' professional skills and improve their employability prospects. Some of these workshops include: 

  • Sector specific sessions
  • Succeed at interview
  • Job Search for Experienced Students
  • Presenting with Impact 
  • Understanding your teamwork and leadership style with MBTI 
  • Managing cultural difference in the workplace 
  • Emotional intelligence for business 
  • LinkedIn Guys - accelerate your career online 
  • Digital bootcamp
  • Introduction to consulting 

Workshop themes may be subject to change 

Imperial College Business School has been building its international presence via Global Hubs as part of its 10-year strategy. The first Global Hub was formally launched in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region in 2020, with the European Hub launched in 2021 with plans to introduce further Hubs in the future. 

Our Hubs deliver a variety of region-specific events, workshops and career development advice, along with industry-specific information, employment opportunities and networking connections.   

Our extensive online resources support students seeking international opportunities. We also host workshops designed for international students wishing to work in the UK after graduation. 

You will have access to a wealth of excellent career e-resources to help you with initial career ideas all the way through to negotiating a job offer. These include insightful industry guides and company information, access to industry experts for informational interviewing, and guidance on pay negotiation. 

For those considering a career in Finance, you will also have access to Wall Street Prep, which will enable you to improve your advanced Excel and financial modelling skills. For those interested in the Consulting sector, Case Coach can support you with preparing for interviews. 

Once you become an admitted student, you will gain access to the Hub, the Business School’s online learning platform. Here you will find the Careers Primer which will equip you with the tools you need to identify your career goals. You must complete this to access the Careers Service. The Primer includes: 

1. Foundations for career success 

This online module will help you develop your career strategy and understand how to effectively market yourself. 

2. Writing your CV 

You will create your CV in line with the Imperial College Business School template, reflecting on the importance of a CV from a recruiter's perspective. We use a platform called VMock which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to assess your CV and provide detailed feedback.  


Through the summer, prior to starting your programme, Careers will deliver multiple webinars; these sessions aim to familiarise you with the service and how it will support you and offer insights on the graduate recruitment market. You will also be invited to webinars with the International Student Office to understand post study work options and visa requirements.  

The Business School supports a number of student-led Career Clubs, providing extensive networking opportunities with students, alumni, and other professionals.  

There are clubs aligned to regions and core industry sectors, as well as clubs to promote the visibility of underrepresented groups. 

We hold a cross-sector on campus careers fair in September, providing students with the opportunity to network with representatives from a number of companies in their chosen sector. 

With tailored support and feedback, Careers Week enables you to focus on your career goals through a series of workshops and activities. 

Highlights of the week include: 

  • Tailored career sessions 

  • Drop-ins for sector-specific career guidance 

  • Interview practice and feedback 

  • External one to ones for specific sectors 

We also host a variety of exclusive employer events, where you will find out about opportunities within their organisations and what they look for when recruiting graduates. This can range from company presentations, networking, panels, one to one sessions and workshops that offer you the chance to engage with a variety of business representatives or alumni. 

What our students say

“I started using the Careers services at Imperial early in the summer before the start of the term. I attended several seminars, panel talks on consulting, and booked one-to-one sessions to improve my CV and cover letter. Once the programme started, Careers also organised many insightful events such as case study workshops and mock interviews, which best prepared me for my interviews and helped me to land job offers.”
Ashley Cai
MSc Business Analytics (On campus) 2021

MSc Business Analytics employment report: class of 2022

World-class teaching and tailored support from the Careers service maximises the potential of our students to become successful future leaders of business and society.

Please note all figures refer to graduates who were seeking employment and shared employment data with us. All statistics refer to our on-campus programme.

employed within six months
employed in finance
employed in UK

Employment by region

Employment by sector

  • Finance: 30%
  • Consulting: 28%
  • Technology: 24%
  • Other: 7%
  • FMCG, Luxury & Retail: 5%
  • Transportation/Logistics: 3%
  • Healthcare - technology: 3%


Our MSc Business Analytics graduates gained employment at a wide range of top global companies including:

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Associate Consultant

Business Analyst

BI & Analytics Officer

Business Intelligence Engineer

Data Analyst

Data Scientist

Operations Manager

Product Manager

Technology Consultant