Mackenzie Miller MSc IEM 2021-22
MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management
University and subject studied for undergraduate degree:

BA International Business/Spanish, Rollins College

About you

What work experience/internships did you have before beginning with Imperial College Business School?

Prior to attending Imperial, I was an online ESL (English as a second language) teacher for a couple of years while travelling around the world and taking on other odd jobs. Then, I spent another couple of years in a corporate sales/consulting role at a US-based research and advisory firm, while simultaneously starting my own small e-commerce business.

Why did you decide to study an MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management at Imperial College Business School?

My dream was to move to London as it embodies cosmopolitanism. Within London, I wanted to attend a well-renowned and diverse university. Programme wise, I searched for Master’s degree that was tailored to individuals looking to start their own business and promotes creativity and out of the box thinking. This programme was the only one that fit the bill for me.

Did you receive a scholarship?

I was lucky enough to receive a scholarship from Imperial. I view this scholarship as an investment. It feels as though Imperial has invested in me and my education, which is a huge motivator and source of encouragement. The scholarship is also money saved that I can use to invest into my own business one day. My recommendation for future scholarship applicants would be to be very specific and clear around what you hope to accomplish with the education that you receive from Imperial.  


Which has been your favourite module so far and why?

Design Thinking for Innovation has been a highlight so far. This module is mostly hands-on and activity based. It strives to help students analyse a problem through a myriad of techniques to arrive to the best solution which can be later used as a business idea. My group is looking to solve the problems that arise from online dating – it's been a blast!

What has been the most rewarding part of the programme?

The most rewarding part of the programme is getting to know and spending time with my peers. Given that we represent around 42 different nationalities, our perspectives and experiences are so diverse which contribute to interesting and enlightening conversations. I learn something new every day!

What has been the most challenging part of the programme? 

The most challenging part is the overwhelming number of options, workshops, and extracurriculars that coincide with the programme. It’s certainly possible to spread yourself too thin. Therefore, you sometimes have to say ‘no’ and participate in the events that add the most value and fuel to what you hope to gain from the programme and your time at Imperial.


How would you describe your cohort at Imperial?

The best way I can describe my cohort is curious and down-to-earth. We have so many accomplished, bright, and amazing people in our cohort, yet everyone is so humble and willing to learn from our modules and each other. I feel really honoured to be a part of this group.

Did you have a favourite professor/lecturer and why?

Dr Sankalp Chaturvedi has been my favourite professor. During his lectures, his demeanour and style creates an open environment for discussion with direction. Moreover, he takes the time to get to know our names and speak to us outside of class.


Did you get involved in any initiatives hosted by the Imperial Enterprise Lab?

I attended the fall term Idea Challenge event. It was a great opportunity to network with our peers from other programmes and use our differing skills to combat a problem with unique solutions. I’m also involved in Imperial Launch, a pitching competition at the Business School in conjunction with the Enterprise Lab, working on the partnerships arm.


What are your future career goals?

My dream is to have a social enterprise that benefits ethnic minorities around the world. After travelling for two years and being from New Mexico, I have an interest and passion for lending a hand in these cultures while promoting economic development in these areas.


When you’re not studying, what do you enjoy doing?

London is the most cosmopolitan city that I’ve ever experienced. So, when I am not studying, I love to explore, meet new people, and try new cuisines. You learn so much about a culture through its food- and London just has an insane variety. This city is truly a microcosm of the entire world; there is even a quote that says, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life” (Samuel Johnson).

If you had to move to London for the programme, where did you decide to live?

I live in Fulham, it is a green and quieter area that is only a 20-minute bus away from the Business School. My advice would be to live somewhere outside of South Kensington to have a richer experience of London as a city.


What advice would you give someone who is thinking about applying for the programme?

My strongest piece of advice would be to be very clear about what you want out of a Master’s programme and remember your goals throughout your studies. My ‘why’ allows me to take the programme content and apply it to my future goals and aspirations.

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MSc Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Management
University and subject studied for undergraduate degree:

BA International Business/Spanish, Rollins College