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Is MSc International Management right for me?

Our MSc International Management is an intensive and demanding programme for students with an excellent undergraduate degree who wish to accelerate a career in business, such as strategy consulting and finance.

We are looking for recent graduates who can demonstrate strong quantitative skills and excellent commercial awareness through an undergraduate degree in a business discipline and/or highly relevant internship experience.

Students should have a global mindset and excellent communication, problem solving and leadership skills, to become part of a diverse, dynamic and high-calibre cohort.

Admission to the MSc International Management programme is very competitive and the selection committee will pay close attention to all aspects of your application.

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MSc MIM entry

The entry requirements for MSc International Management are as follows:

A First or Upper Second Class business/management degree and up to two years of work experience


A First or Upper Second Class degree from any discipline and substantial work experience (maximum two years)

All students are required to have GMAT or GRE to demonstrate good quantitative skills and excellent commercial awareness in your academic and professional experience.

You are required to have a valid GMAT or GRE score as part of your application for MSc International Management. We recommend a GMAT score of 600+. If you are taking the GRE, we recommend a minimum score of 156 in the verbal, and 158 in the quantitative sections.

You should upload a copy of your results within your application and request your score to be released to Imperial College Business School. This will enable us to verify your results online, so you should not send a hard copy unless we request it.

Our GMAT code is S22-7S-53 and our GRE code is 0121. We accept the online version of the GMAT and the home-edition GRE.


Each cycle we are able to offer a small number of waivers to candidates. To be considered for a waiver, you need to demonstrate exceptional academic performance and evidence of strong quantitative skills.

To request a waiver, you will need to provide:

  • A copy of your transcripts detailing modules taken and grades achieved
  • An up-to-date CV
  • A short statement outlining why you think you should be offered a GMAT waiver

We will be considering waiver requests via email rather than the form for the rest of this application cycle.

Requests should be sent to before you submit your MSc application and will be reviewed on a case by case basis within seven days.

If you do not qualify for a waiver, you are required to submit a valid GMAT or GRE score as part of your application. Your application will not be complete until this is received, and therefore will not be processed by our admissions team and may be withdrawn.

You have the opportunity to demonstrate your career plan through the Career Planning Questions on the application form, and this is an extremely important aspect of your application.

All candidates are expected to provide evidence of your research into the professional areas, roles and potential employers that you are considering pursuing after you graduate – as well as the challenges you may face in your career and the skills you possess to help you succeed.

Internships and work experience

MSc International Management is designed for recent graduates with no more than two years’ work experience.

Prospective students are strongly recommended to undertake relevant internships and work placements and list them in the professional experience section of the application form and your CV, as this will add weight to your application. Substantial work experience (maximum two years) is required if your undergraduate degree is not in a business/management discipline. Whichever sector you see yourself working in, we expect to see evidence of how you’ve been building your professional experience, skills and knowledge throughout your undergraduate degree.

Career planning questions

In the career planning questions you will need to show you have thought about the type of employer you want to work for immediately after graduating and have researched your target organisation(s) and role. You will also need to answer the following questions to demonstrate awareness of what is required and the steps you will take to prepare for your chosen career. 

  1. How will your chosen programme help you reach your career goal?
  2. Do you see any barriers that you may need to overcome to reach this goal (personally, professionally, or academically)?
  3. What gaps in your skillset will you need to develop to prepare for this career?

All programmes at Imperial College Business School are linguistically demanding, and therefore strong English language skills are critical to academic success on your MSc and in your future career. The English language entry requirements listed here are the minimum scores needed for admission, successful students typically demonstrate higher levels of achievement.

Candidates who are required to take an English test to meet the language requirement are strongly encouraged to take this before applying and supply their scores as part of the online application. A strong result in an approved English language test will add weight to your application.

A full list of acceptable English language qualifications and our required scores can be found on our detailed English language requirement page.

Most applicants meet the requirement in one of the following ways:

  • IELTS (academic): A minimum score of 7.0 with minimum scores of 6.5 in all elements. The IELTS indicator test will be accepted for admissions to the 2021/22 academic year.

  • TOEFL iBT: A minimum score of 100 overall with minimum scores of 22 in all elements. The ETS at Home test will be accepted for admission to the 2021/22 academic year.

  • Duolingo English Test: 125 Overall with no less than 115 in any band score.

  • Degree studied in and awarded by an English-speaking country AND English language assessed to be proficient via Kira Talent video interview.


  • IELTS, TOEFL and Duolingo scores are only valid if they are less than two years old on the programme start date.

  • TOEFL: You must meet the entry requirement in one test from your scaled scores (‘My Best Scores’ reported by TOEFL will not be considered). For more information regarding TOEFL please visit the ETS website. Please note if you would like ETS to send your TOEFL scores directly to the College, our TOEFL Institution Code is 0891.

  • The College defines English-speaking countries as: Australia, Canada, Guyana, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America and West Indies. Holders of degrees from any other countries would not be considered for an interview.

"Before applying, think about your career and personal goals and evaluate how you can achieve them. If you believe that the MSc International Management programme is a perfect fit for you, highlight in your application what you stand for and what you can contribute to the programme and the cohort. I’m sure you can stand out in the mass of applicants by focussing on your values and your unique skills and experiences."
MSc International Management 2021
Philipp Zimmer, MSc International Management 2020-21, student at Imperial College Business School