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Gain insight into strategic management and consulting

This course will enable you to actively and critically learn and apply business strategy concepts to diagnose, manage, design and change commonly faced challenges by organisations. Concepts of consulting will be also analysed to provide you with a strong understanding of strategic approaches for managing consulting projects and managing clients.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Understand the complexity of an organisation’s environment in terms of strategic concepts and frameworks

  • Recognise the implications of strategic decisions on an organisation’s future opportunities and competition

  • Gain insight into key skills and analytical frameworks for effective consulting

  • Develop key skills in managing consulting projects and delivering client value

Course content

Business Strategy & Consulting will teach you to understand the complexity of an organisation’s environment in terms of strategic concepts and decisions. You will also learn the key skills and analytical frameworks necessary for effective consulting and delivering client value.

Topics covered will include:

  • The central concepts in strategic management and consulting practice

  • Frameworks and tools for internal and external analyses

  • The relationship between the different strategic management concepts and consulting strategies

Teaching methods

Delivered by a mix of face-to-face lectures and classes. Lecture content and class material will be made available through an interactive online teaching and learning hub – The Summer School Hub.

Workshops will use case studies, structured discussions and in-class exercises to demonstrate the application of concepts as you learn. You will also be expected to complete significant private study, exam preparation and group assignment work outside of your scheduled classes.


Academic level: Equivalent to an undergraduate course
Suggested credit level: 3 – 4 US / 7.5 ECTS credits. Your home institution will determine how much credit is awarded

For more details view our entry requirements.


  • 1 group assignment – (30% of final mark)

  • 1 final individual examination – (70% of final mark)

Imperial College London will issue an official transcript with a final overall numerical mark – a breakdown of results will not be provided.
Imperial College London reserves the right to change or alter the courses offered without notice.

Summer School 2020

Imperial College Business School is closely monitoring the ongoing global health pandemic and the significant challenges that have arisen as a result of this. Regrettably, due to the ongoing situation, it is now clear that it is not possible for Summer School 2020 to go ahead.

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