WMBA Employment Report

Studying the Weekend MBA will enable you to increase your value and improve your chances of achieving your career goals, whether that means a change of location, function or sector, or even starting your own business.

This report covers the Weekend MBA cohort of 2018-20, which is our most recently graduated class.

Please note all figures refer to graduates who were seeking employment and shared employment data with us.

Administrative label
Employment status

Employment status

Changed role*
Accepted a role in a new company*
Changed location for a new role*
Accepted a role in a new sector*
Average increase in salary*
The support from the Careers team is key to my experience at Imperial College Business School, as they equip me with the tools to better understand the strengths I want to lean in and the industry I want to pursue.
Weekend MBA 2020-21
Ioana David Weekend MBA 2020-21
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Employment by sector

Employment by sector

Finance: 24%
Consulting: 19%
Engineering/Construction/Manufacturing: 15%
IT/Telecoms/Technology: 8%
Energy: 7%
FMCG, Luxury Goods & Retail: 7%
Healthcare: 7%
Other: 4%
Legal: 3%
Real Estate: 3%
Transportation & Logistics: 3%
I immediately knew the Weekend MBA was the right option for me as I could continue to advance my career whilst fulfilling my long-term goal of undergoing an MBA. Imperial College Business School was perfect as the main College is renowned for science and technology and by extension, the Business School for fostering innovative leaders with a flair for entrepreneurship.
Weekend MBA 2019-20
Becky George-David, Weekend MBA
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Location of post-MBA role

Location of post-MBA role

*Change is based on individuals who had recorded their status as employment. It does not include own business or family business. Salary uplift calculated looking at those who were employed both pre- and post-MBA. Data held on 99% of the cohort.