GMBA Personal leadership journey

Maximise your leadership potential

The Personal Leadership Journey is a structured approach to cultivating and enhancing leadership potential.

You will be supported to identify your strengths as an individual and as a team member, and take concrete action to address areas which could benefit from professional development, resulting in truer self-direction, and an enhanced ability to lead others and organisations.

Through the Personal Leadership Journey, you will network with alumni and fellow students in the sectors that most interest you, and learn how to market your personal brand and improve your employment prospects.

Working together with a dedicated careers coach to cover any career related issue, from helping you define your career strategy, CV cover letter reviews, mock interviews, through to negotiating offers. Your coach can also help you develop solutions for any leadership or personal development issues you may have. You may also choose to work with your coach on more self-reflection and self-awareness activity.

The Personal Leadership Journey emphasises three main and interconnected elements

Supported by an expert careers coach, you will undertake psychometric assessments and reflective exercises designed to pinpoint your strengths and highlight areas for professional development, both as a leader and in terms of your wider professional effectiveness.

With your careers coach, you will create and execute a plan for your personal development based on the feedback you receive from your reflective exercises. Online workshops will enable you to address the areas for development that you identify.

Defining a career strategy is foundational to your career development. Depending on your interests, you will be given structured support to change career, grow as an entrepreneur or take the next big step in your career trajectory. We will help you to achieve your career, personal and leadership objectives for the duration of your MBA and beyond.

"The personality tests that are a component of the Personal Leadership Journey really emphasise your strengths and areas of improvement. Since personal development is one of my main MBA drivers, this module has enabled me to have a hard look at myself and identify my areas of development."
Weekend MBA 2018-19
Julia Yu