Final Project

Overcome a real business problem

This module allows you to put the theory taught on the MBA into practice. You’ll develop specialised expertise by researching a real business issue and influence real commercial outcomes, if your recommendations are implemented by a sponsoring organisation.

The optional Final Project gives you the chance to work on a real-world business problem in a consulting capacity, or by taking a more academic approach. You will demonstrate that you are able to address a specific theme in an autonomous way and bring together your learning across different subjects. This project will be your ‘business card’ to show that you are able to provide a valuable and holistic view of a topical theme.

This optional final project is an independent piece of works worth two elective credits.

You will:

  • Understand a specific aspect of management, industry or the economy in depth

  • Develop technical expertise in, for example, financial analysis, mathematical modelling, information technology or forecasting

  • Understand and carry out high-level research, gaining familiarity with sources and how to use data, as well as the ability to evaluate and synthesise existing literature and present findings accurately, clearly and concisely

  • Influence real commercial outcomes through the implementation of your recommendations by your sponsoring organisation.

The more I advance in my career, the more I want to challenge myself and dive into global business leadership and developing my understanding of the future of digital capabilities in my industry. The Weekend MBA at Imperial College Business School gives me the opportunity to do exactly that, while focusing on my career progression in real time, applying everything I learn.
Weekend MBA 2020-21
Ioana David Weekend MBA 2020-21