PosterTo mark the end of the four year MEng programme in Civil and Environmental Engineering, and for many, the end of university life, a two-day Student Conference is held each year at the end of June.

It provides an opportunity for this year’s graduates to present the results of their research, carried out in the final year over a period of four months, to an audience of academic staff, industry, postgraduate researchers, and fellow undergraduates, in the form of a poster and an oral presentation.  The Conference offers an excellent way to showcase the skills of our final year students as well as the diversity of research undertaken within the departmental Sections of Environmental and Water Resource Engineering, Fluid Mechanics, Geotechnics, Structures and Transport. 

The final year posters, which can be viewed by Section in the drop down menu's below, reflect the content of the research paper, as presented, at the Conference.  Some poster and titles have been withheld due to commercial sensitivities. The event closed with an Awards ceremony at which the best student oral presentations, by Section, were recognised.  This year’s winners (2015) were:

Poster no# and StudentPoster and titleSection
E14 - David Declan Maguire Identification of Critical Metal Priorities in WEEE Environmental Engineering (EWRE)
F05 - Stephen Rose Extreme Waves in Wind Driven Seas
[poster not available due to commercial sensitivities]
Fluid Mechanics
G08 - Bernat Bellavista Crespo UK Railway Cut Slopes: Effect of Soil-atmosphere Interaction on the Factor of Safety against Failure Geotechnics
S18 - Mitesh Patel Surface Topology Optimisation and its Application to Bone Structures Structures
T06 - Fanny Heneine Analysis of travel time reliability on London Underground Transport
T09 - Xiyi Mark Wu Using MassMotion, an Agent-based Simulation on Optimizing the Fire Evacuation Plan in Road Tunnel - A Case Study for the Dartford Tunnel Transport
2015 Student Conference: Poster prize winners
Summary of the table's contents

UG4 Student Conference 2015 Posters

Poster no# and StudentTitleSupervisor(s)
E01 - Jineesha Mehta Chlorine and Chloramine Demand of Natural Organic Matter Surrogates Bond, T.
E02 - Emma Watkins Modelling salinity exchange between drinking water ponds and groundwater in southern Bangladesh Butler, A.P
E03 - Ka Tsun Ho Using Dissolved Oxygen As A Mean Of Accessing Carbon Uptake And Utilisation Butler, A.P
E04 - Rachel Ribeiro Building a regional glacier melt model to analyse the impacts of climate change on water resources in the tropical Andes Buytaert, W.
E05 - Emma Emodi Multivariate frequency analysis of flood Risk in the poor coastal communities of Lagos State, Nigeria Buytaert, W.
E06 - Pierre Magnien Trends and mapping of climate change impact on winter chill in Western Cape, South Africa Buytaert, W.
E07 - Anthony Wong Production and characterisation of glass proppants for application in hydraulic fracturing Cheeseman, C.R.
Sim, W.W.
E08 - Yang Zhang Improving the thermal properties of mortar using phase change materials in granules made from recycled glass Cheeseman, C.R.
E10 Tim Munday Greywater recycling with and without solar power – a technical and economic feasibility study Graham, N.J.
E11 - Hongfei Cai Investigation of the use of ionic liquids in the capture of volatile organic compounds Grimes, S.M. 
Professor Wenlong Wang
E12 - Margaux Fargier Statistical comparison of solid waste management performance in 40 cities Grimes, S.M.
E13 - Saji Khoury Integrating construction into the circular economy Grimes, S.M.
E14 - David Declan Maguire Identifcation of critical metal priorities in WEEE Grimes, S.M.
E15 - Miguel Martinez de Aguirre Miral Societal challenges in managing WEEE as part of a circular economy Grimes, S.M.
E16 - Morteza Mortezai-Nejad Potential for recovery of metal value from WEEE using crab shell waste Grimes, S.M.
E17 - Barry Au Green roof energy performance modelling Mijic, A.
E18 - Eleni Christofides Flood estimation and impacts in urban areas Mijic, A.
E19 Panagiotis Floros Impacts of blue-green solutions on urban sustainability Mijic, A.
E20 - Georgios Pasias The impact of temporal input data resolution on partitioning of water fluxes in the Jules Land surface model Mijic, A.
E21 - Zigang Guo Multi-scale radar data analysis Onof, C.
E22 - Maria Akerboom The added value of the UK Met Office super resolution radar product Onof, C.
E23 - Ryosuke Fukushi VFA recovery from anaerobic digestion process a comparative analysis with methane recovery Smith, S.R.
E24 - Haizumawati Jamil Pathogen and health risks from flooding Smith, S.R.
E25 - Jash Rughani Multi-criteria analysis for optimum selection of waste management technologies for Mumbai, India. Smith, S.R.
Grimes, S.M.
E26 - John Sing-Key Resource recovery potential of Wastewater treatment: biopolymers Smith, S.R.
E27 - Azzura Haji Mohd Jaya Resource recovery potential of wastewater treatment: industrial enzymes Smith, S.R.
E28 - Ahmad Mashkuri Short-term demand forecasting for the operational control of water supply and distribution systems Stoianov, I.
E29 - Charles Prichard Nitrogen-containing disinfection by-products in drinking water supplies in England Templeton, M.R.
Bond, T.
E30 - Hannah Riordan The effect of fertilisers on the flux through a pervaporative irrigation tube Templeton, M.R.
Environmental Engineering (EWRE)
Environmental Engineering (EWRE)
Poster No# and StudentTitleSupervisor(s)
F01 - Alexander Marr Implementation of an open source numerical model (XBeach) to predict the influence of wave grouping on beach profile evolution Alsina, J.
F02 - Dominik Sznajder Analysis of wave breaking induced by wave groups Alsina, J.
F03 - Lingwei Ng Determining wave-height statistics and limiting sea-states by analysing shallow water field measurements Christou, M.
F09 - Muhammad Danyal Khan Turbulent entrainment of a plume in a stratified environment van Reeuwijk, M.
F10 - Sander van der Bie Smoothed particle hydrodynamics modelling of free shear flows van Reeuwijk, M.
F11 - Chris Carter Momentum exchange and domain-size effects in urban-boundary layer large-eddy simulations van Reeuwijk, M.
Fluid Mechanics
Fluid Mechanics
Poster No# & StudentTitleSupervisor
G01 - Tina Gunnarsson Geotechnical characterisation of an analogue lunar silt Standing, J.R.
Ghail, R.C.
G02 - Siu Kei Tam Rockfill Dams – from simulation to failure Han, B.
G03 - SeungKyu Nam Characterisation of proppants for use in hydraulic fracturing Sim, W.W.
G04 - Wanying Zhao Influence of existing tunnels on compressibility characteristics of London Clay Standing, J.R.
G06 - Terrence Weijie Wu Numerical simulation of the behaviour of thermo-active Piles using a t-z methodology Taborda, D.
G07 - Andrew Kirkham Novel experimental technique for the measurement of hydraulic properties of geomaterials Tsiampousi, A.
Standing, J.R.
G08 - Bernat Bellavista Crespo Railway cut slopes in the UK; Effect of soil-atmosphere interaction on the factor of safety against failure Tsiampousi, A.
G09 - Joe Dai Finite element analysis of soil behaviour during cyclic lateral loading of monopiles Zdravkovic, L.
G10 - Arthur Chung Influence of  Soil anisotropy on soil liquefation Zdravkovic, L.
Environmental Engineering (EWRE)
Poster No# and StudentTitleSupervisor(s)
S01 - Roi Sanjurjo Fortes Structural performance of hybrid reinforced concrete/steel floor systems Elghazouli, A.
S02 - Danielle Chen Numerical study of composite floor systems consisting of cold-formed Steel beams and wood-based floorboards Gardner, L.
S03 - Stephen Okeghie Tensile behaviour of prestressed high strength steel elements Gardner, L.
S04 - Paras Shah Effects of prestressing and grouting on high strength steel trusses Gardner, L.
S05 - Ho Yeung Kwok Comparison of stiffness reduction method, effective length method and geometrically non-linear analysis with imperfections for in-plane design of steel frames Gardner, L.
S06 - Bosco Zhong Heng Lee Design of steel structures using nonlinear analysis with geometric imperfections Gardner, L.
S07 - Wai Lock Comparison between Eurocode approach and geometrical non-linear analysis on second order effects Gardner, L.
S08 - Amar Patel Numerical analysis of cold-formed steel purlins Gardner, L.
S09 - Oliver Negus Development of practical models for the assessment of static and dynamic properties of belt truss outrigger systems in tall buildings Louca, L.
S10 - Thomas Donald Baird Simplified single degree of freedom and finite element dynamic analysisOf high strength steel plates subjected to blast loading Louca, L.
S12 - Clara Torres Gomez Parametric design of timber grid shell structures: Structural form-finding and optimisation Malaga-Chuquitaype, C.
S13 - Marcello Valerio Seismic performance of weak-base strong-column frame systems Malaga-Chuquitaype, C.
S14 - Karl Robert Stenbacka Investigating the effects of dynamic impact loads on a structurally adapted FE-model of the femur Phillips, A.T.M
S15 - David Steed Educational resources for blended learning in structures Wadee, M.A. 
Phillips, A.T.M
S16 - Peter James Nugent Finite element representation of muscles Phillips, A.T.M
S18 - Mitesh Patel Shape topology optimisation Phillips, A.T.M
S19 - Erqin Ji Active control of bridges under moving loads Stafford, P.J.
Ruiz-Teran, A.
S20 - Bradley Pring High speed railway bridges with precast-prestressed concrete beams Ruiz-Teran, A.
S21 - Luke Gardner Assessment of proposed punching shear models for incorporation into 2018 Revision of Eurocode 2 Vollum, R.L.
S22 - Kwan Tsuen Michael Cheung Influence of supplementary cementitious materials on pore structure and transport properties of cement pastes Dr Hong Wong
S23 - Yuebi Yang Impregnation of concrete with super-hydrophobic powder Wong, H.S.
Cheeseman, C.R.,
S24 - Wenjie Zhou Three-dimensional analysis of the pore structure of cement-based materials Wong, H.S.
S25 - Mark Hanna Technologically Enhancing the Sup ply Chain of a Hybrid Modular Builder Popo-Ola, S.O.
S26 - Ruolin Lin Time-Cost Analysis for Light Steel Frame Modular Buildings Popo-Ola, S.O.
S27 - Constantinos Samuel Model for the construction industry to reorganise Bim Popo-Ola, S.O.
Environmental Engineering (EWRE)
Poster No# and StudentTitleSupervisor(s)
T01 - Jose Escribano Macias Planning post-disaster recovery and reconstruction for transport infrastructure considering time and cost Angeloudis, P.
T02 - Javier Monroig Vives Balanced K-means clustering algorithm for a multi-objective partitioning in the bike repositioning problem Angeloudis, P.
T03 - Alexandros Abadjis Demand-driven design of passenger ferry services in dense island groups Angeloudis, P.
T04 - Jae Wook Jung Optimisation of Multi-Commodity, Multi-Vehicle Supply Chains in Construction Angeloudis, P.
T05 - Nicholas Wong Rapid urban evacuation across constrained transport networks Dr Panagiotis Angeloudis
Han, K.
T06 - Fanny Heneine Analysis of travel time reliability on London Underground Graham, D.J.
T07 - Eduard Kim Implementation and comparison of different on-lineSignal control strategies Han, K.
T08 - Kawthar Aljufairi Commuter travel behaviour on London Underground using automatic clustering of Oyster card data Majumdar, A.
T09 - Xiyi Mark Wu  Using Mass motion, an agent-based simulation on optimizing the fire evacuation in road tunnel – a case study in the Dartford Tunnel Majumdar, A.
Dr Rein Guillermo
T10 - Kar Chun Lee Impact of single-engine taxiing on NOx emission from aircraft engines at London Heathrow Airport Majumdar, A.
T11 - Ho Ming Rony Cheng Optimising fire evacuation procedures of the Dartford Tunnel; A hybrid simulation approach Majumdar, A.
T12 - Cheuk Hei Adrian Lee  Assessing the risk to civil aviation from laser attacks Majumdar, A.
T13 - Samuel Simanjuntak The indirect costs assessment of railway incidents and their relationship to human error: The case of signals passed at danger Majumdar, A.
T14 - Ageeve Baskarathas Investigating factors that influence pilot performance Majumdar, A.
T15 - Rayan Khoury Space based positioning and timing for railway operations Ochieng, W. 
Environmental Engineering (EWRE)