HNA Research Centre for Future Data Ecosystems


The HNA Research Centre for Future Data Ecosystems, based at Imperial’s Data Science Institute, was founded by HNA Technology, HNA Economic Research Institute and Imperial College London in September 2017. Aiming at promoting theory and technology innovation in the field of data science, the Centre will look to create infrastructure for our future data economy, develop new data capital and products, and research and apply new technologies in artificial intelligence. 



The Blockchain technology provides a way to record and transfer data that is transparent, safe, auditable, and resistant to outages. It establishes a system of creating a distributed consensus in the digital online world, allowing participating entities to trade with another without relying on a third party like a bank or power company to process the transaction. In the Centre we will develop Blockchain-based technologies and apply them to areas such as loyalty management and logistics.  


Data is considered as the biggest asset at most organisations today. Data as a kind of capital enables the creation of new data products and services. The Centre will develop the next generation data capital management platform which will leverage both the blockchain technology and cloud computing technology. The Centre will also design novel data products to revolutionise the ways of travel and tourism.


Artificial intelligence is the key technology of new productive forces in the Big Data era. The rapid development of artificial intelligence technologies provides a powerful driving force for technological innovation and business model innovation of enterprises. We will research and develop an intelligent robot software platform based on artificial intelligence technology, which can be used in real-world scenarios including household, airports and hotels.



About HNA Technology

Founded in December 2016, HNA Technology is a forward-facing strategic industry group under the Fortune 500 HNA Group. As the largest subgroup of the HNA Group, it takes the responsibility for the mission of strategic transformation of the HNA Group. Innovating business models through the data economy, HNA Technology explores the great potential of HNA's traditional industries. Its business covers more than 160 countries and regions on five continents. Its subsidiaries include the largest IT product distributor and supply chain service provider, Ingram Micro, and the global-leading IT services and solutions provider Pactera.