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Professor Justin Cobb

MSk Lab
Imperial College London
2nd Floor, Sir Michael Uren Hub
86 Wood Lane
London W12 0BZ

What we do

Our aim is to understand the mechanisms of bone, joint, and system failure, and engineer better solutions to these problems. We aim to improve the safety and efficacy of surgical interventions, while reducing the costs by designing and trialling novel devices, and improving surgical skills through training and technology.

Why it is important

Musculoskeletal failure encompasses the acute events of bone fracturing and the chronic processes of joints and spines wearing out. The societal burden of these two domains is huge – joint replacement is by some way the most common major surgical procedure in the developed world. The operations of total joint replacement are effective, but only within limits. The cost of the delivery of this care is enormous. Our aim is to increase the efficacy and reduce the costs by developing ways of avoiding total joint replacement in the majority of cases with novel technologies.

How it can benefit patients

Our aim is to transform the safety and efficacy of interventions for skeletal failure, ensuring that every procedure achieves its goal of relieving pain and restoring function. so patients will get better outcomes, and the cost of the procedures will be less, so more affordable to the NHS.

Summary of current research

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For patients

Our patient and public involvement group is active and growing, with (virtual) meetings once a term. The group help us shape research questions and directions.