Dynamic Earth

We explore the inner workings of our dynamic planet and seek to understand the causes and consequences of natural hazards.

We research the diverse processes that shape Earth's surface and core – from tectonic plate movements to erosion patterns. We have two main sub-themes:

1) Geophysics, Tectonics & Geohazards

2) Basins & Landscape Dynamics

Our diverse expertise allows us to connect deep interior dynamics with surface processes and geohazards – helping us assess the risks and causes of natural hazards like earthquakes and tsunamis, while also revealing how our dynamic planet has evolved over billions of years – with implications across the Solar System.

We dig deep into how the Earth works, exploring, for example:

  • The structure, dynamics and magnetism of Earth's interior;
  • How plate tectonics shapes the planet over time;
  • The causes and likely impacts of geohazards like earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and landslides;
  • How surface processes like weathering, erosion and sediment transport interact with climate.

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