The research theme Integrative Systems Biology brings together the members of the Department who are developing and applying mathematical, statistical and computational approaches to understand biology. The research grouping includes both theoretician and experimentalist who pursue this interdisciplinary approach. Studies span numerous scales ranging from the molecular through the cellular to ecosystems and biodiversity.

Members of the theme are modelling metabolic networks, cellular development and sleep patterns across a wide range of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms. Recent research has identified environmental drivers of SAR-CoV-2 lineage and has applied structure-based modelling to identify that a common TMPRSS2 missense variant presents a protective effect against severe Covid-19. The theme is committed to developing and disseminating bioinformatics and systems modelling resources to the community via web servers and downloadable code including software for predicting protein structure and genetic variants. 

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Dr Matteo Fumagalli

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Dr Matteo Fumagalli
Visiting Researcher